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21 December: Bristol ChemLabS Manager Receives Engagement Award

14 December: Bristol ChemLabS staff receive the Faculty of Science Teaching Awards

12 December: Bristol ChemLabS Management Board Meeting

23 November: Visit from Secretary of State John Denham MP

21 November: Grand Opening of the Bristol CETLs

University press release about the event

08 September: Doors Open Day 2007

Tours of the new teaching laboratories were offered as part of this year's Bristol Doors Open Day programme.

These free tours, running every half hour in the afternoon, were taken by a total of about 350 visitors.

30 July: Dynamic Laboratory Manual (DLM) Demo Now Available

screen capture from the DLM

Click here for details.

06 June: Bristol ChemLabS Management Board Meeting


21 March: Bristol ChemLabS Open for Business

students in the lab

click on image for more photos of the new labs

The Bristol ChemLabS vision has now come to life in the refurbished Teaching Laboratories which opened in February. Students and staff alike (including the Head of School) have been enjoying the brand new state-of-the-art facilities, and the experience is further enhanced by the Dynamic Laboratory Manual (DLM) - more details about the latter will be available shortly.

demonstrator training in new labs
Postgraduates training in week one -
a high level of demonstrator cover is provided in the new labs.

student using computers in labs
Computers in the labs help with logging data and in-lab assessment as well as allowing access to the DLM.

Students and staff in the lab
Students, demonstrators and staff wear colour-coordinated lab coats.

Last day in the old lab
The final Level 2 Organic Class to use the old labs, which served the school well for 40 years and closed for the last time on 02 December 2005.

14 March: Bristol ChemLabS Advisory Board Meeting


Photo from Giles Chichester Visit 2006 Events

Photo from the Bristol Salters Camp 2007 Outreach Events

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