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LabSkills software supports practical work in both Chemistry and Biology for schools and universities

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Introduction to Chemistry LabSkills
A-Level Chemistry LabSkills showcase
NMR tutorial with Chemistry LabSkills
Distillation tutorial with Chemistry LabSkills
Cengage Chemistry LabSkills pre-lab resources

Bristol Evening Post

Bristol University's big chemistry lesson 15/2/10

University gives school pupils opportunity to 'blow up lab' 10/3/09


Virtual experiments help pupils 15/2/09

Times Education Supplement

'Experiment phobia' cured by internet 2/10/09

University of Bristol Press releases

Bristol ChemLabS and Learning Science partner with Cengage Learning 13/9/11

Every state secondary school to be offered University of Bristol science teaching tool 1/1/10

Revolution in teaching key subjects gains momentum 4/12/09

Chemistry project receives further accolade 7/7/09

Virtual labs become a reality 17/2/09

School science lessons given 21st-century boost 1/10/08

Royal Society of Chemistry

Dynamic Degrees: An article in Chemistry World 7/10/10

Practical science teaching software free to all state secondary schools 31/3/10

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