* Bristol ChemLabS External Publications 2016

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Links in this section are to the specific article where possible, and if not to the publication or publisher.

  • Kiera Watson, Tim Harrison and Natalie Fey (2016). The Chemistry of the Pineapple, Science for All, Brazil.
  • O’Sullivan S.K.E. and Harrison T.G., A Study Into the Design of a Pre-Laboratory Software Resource in Effectively Assisting in the Chemistry Proficiency of Students of Chinese Origin Undertaking Post 16 Chemistry in the UK (2016). Acta Didactica Napocensia, Volume 9, Number 1.
  • S.R. Glover, T.G. Harrison, D.E. Shallcross (2016). Why do Secondary School Chemistry Teachers Engage in Long-Term Outreach Partnership with a University?, Acta Didactica Napocensia, (9)2, 79-97. In this paper, one from Sarah’s PhD thesis in Chemistry Outreach, Sarah investigates why CHeMneT members engage with outreach at Bristol year-on-year.​
  • Self-healing aircraft wings: a dream or a possibility? by Duncan Wass, Tim Harrison, Science In School (2016) 37, 11-13.
  • Saskia O’Sullivan and Tim Harrison, Lab page: Synthesising aspirin (2016). Chemistry Review, 26(1), 8-10.
  • Tim Harrison and Dudley Shallcross, Volatile organic compounds: where do smells go? (2016). Chemistry Review, 26(1), 18-21.
  • Tim Harrison, Top tips: Dealing with significant figures (2016). Chemistry Review, 26(1), 28.
  • S.R. Glover, T.G. Harrison, D.E. Shallcross, Factors Influencing Teachers in Engaging with University Outreach: Is it Just Cost? (2016). Higher Education Studies, Canadian Center of Science and Education, 6(4)70-80.