* Dr Alison Rivett - Primary Science Outreach Consultant

Alison has a wide variety of experience in developing, planning, evaluating and delivering science outreach. Having worked part-time with Bristol ChemLabS for 10 years to enhance primary science provision, she now continues to support the team on an ad-hoc basis; running hands-on workshops and delivering demonstration assemblies in schools across the South West and beyond; training and supervising postgraduate students and developing new activities.

In her current part-time role as Evaluation Officer in the University’s Public Engagement Unit, she provides guidance and support for the evaluation of public engagement and impact. Alison works with colleagues in the Public Engagement team to advise researchers on capturing impact, provide training opportunities and share good practice.

 She also works part-time as South West Regional Representative for the Ogden Trust (a small charity supporting physics teachers and students). Alison works across the region with schools and universities to establish and support primary and secondary school physics partnerships.

Alison studied Chemistry & Environmental Chemistry (B.Sc. Hons.) at Swansea University. She then moved to the School of Chemistry in Bristol to undertake a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry with Dudley Shallcross. Whilst at the School of Chemistry, Alison became involved with developing and delivering chemistry activities for primary schools and was awarded one of the inaugural David Green Prizes for Widening Participation for her contribution to outreach.

She also holds a M.Sc. in Science Education & Communication from the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. A summary of her dissertation 'A Study into the Feasibility and Validity of Using Alternatives to Questionnaires to Evaluate the Impact of a Selection of Physics & Chemistry Science Communication Activities' can be found here.

In her science communication career she has worked as Projects Manager for Wessex Setpoint at Bath University – engaging young people, schools and business with science and technology and running the STEM Ambassador volunteer scheme; as the Institute of Physics’ Regional Officer for South West England – coordinating outreach and promoting the Institute and its activities; and as Research & External Liaison Officer at the Science Learning Centre South West – undertaking research into the impact of CPD courses on teachers and managing the Stimulating Physics Network project in the area.

Alison also sits on the Association for Science Education West of England committee, helping to organise events in the area for science teachers.

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