* Mr Ben Cheesman

Photo of Ben CheesmanBen grew up in the East Midlands and went to school in Stamford, Lincolnshire. He started a 4 year MSci in Chemistry with Industrial Experience in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol in 2002. In his third year of study (July 2004 - September 2005) Ben worked at Infineum, a petrochemical additives company that was formed by the merger of Shell and Exxon's additive businesses. Ben worked in the Fuels Development section of the R&D department and worked on a project developing new high temperature jet fuel stabilisers and was involved in developing a reliable miniaturised test to measure component performance. Other parts of the work involved new methods of component synthesis and assessing the commercial viability of synthetic pathways. In 2006 Ben graduated from the University of Bristol with First class honours after completing his fourth year studies which included a final year research project with Professor Terence Cosgrove entitled 'Synthesis of a Novel Polymeric Surfactant'. He then took a 6-month break and went travelling around the world volunteering in South Africa with the African Conservation Trust helping to build infrastructure for an indigenous plant nursery, and in Madagascar with Blue Ventures carrying out coral reef surveys on the world's second largest barrier reef. His travels also took him to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina where he combined meeting up with friends, independent travel and an intensive Latin-American Spanish course. In 2007 Ben returned to Bristol to start a PhD under the supervision of Professor Terence Cosgrove entitled 'UV-Induced Film Formation of Functionalised Siloxanes and Mechanical Characterisation'. Ben became a STEM Ambassador in 2007 and has since been involved in numerous Outreach activities.


UV-Induced Film Formation of Functionalised Siloxanes, B. T. Cheesman, T. Cosgrove and M. Denbow, Polymer Preprints, 2009, 50(2), 873.