* Dr Linda Sellou

Photo of Linda SellouLinda Sellou went to school in Bobigny (France) and obtained an International Baccalaureate. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille in France, where she became an “Ingénieure”. For her final year, she opted for the Erasmus scheme, through which she entered the University of Bristol. She carried out a research project on perfume for a year. After obtaining her degree, she carried on with a PhD at the University of Bristol's School of Chemistry within the Bristol Colloid Centre. Her PhD was sponsored by Ineos Silica Ltd (located in Warrington) and was based on the study of the structure and abrasive wear of colloidal silica contained in toothpaste.

While at Bristol as a postgraduate Chemist, Linda also became a Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) and became involved in outreach activities for schools. She has represented Bristol ChemLabS Outreach in a great number and wide range of activities both within the UK and in France, Singapore, South Africa, Malta, Malaysia and Brunei.

Linda Sellou was the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Teaching Fellow from April 2008 to February 2009. The post was sponsored through the RSC's Chemistry for our Future ‘Widening Access to University Laboratory Facilities’ project. In this Post Linda won the University's Engagement Award for 2008/09.