* Dr Preeti Kaur

Photo of Linda SellouPreeti graduated from the University of Bristol in 2004 with an MSci (Hons) in Chemistry. During the summer before her final year she spent eight weeks working as a medicinal research chemist at GlaxoSmithKline in Harlow. In her final year she joined the OGU, and, under the supervision of Rich Pancost and Sam Kelly, looked into the anaerobic oxidation of methane occurring in ocean margin sediments, as part of project METROL .
Preeti started her PhD in October 2004, supervised by Dr (now Prof.) Rich Pancost and funded by EPSRC. The project title for this research was Using microbial membrane lipids in hot spring deposits to elucidate geothermal chemistry and microbiology. This work was in collaboration with Bruce Mountain, GNS, NZ, and Helen Talbot and Rob Gibson, Newcastle University, UK.
Since the completion of her PhD Preeti has enjoyed a two month placement at MIT before becoming a post doctoral research assistant with the Organic Geochemistry Unit within the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol.

Outreach Activities

Preeti has been actively engaged in outreach activities since 2005 working with primary and secondary students in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, and Jersey. In recent years she has given more than 30 lectures on the topic of ‘Extremophile Chemistry’ to school groups and science festivals. Preeti has also worked with organisations in the promotion of science amongst young women.