* Dr Steve Henshaw

Photo of Steve HenshawSteve completed his undergraduate Chemistry Degree and his PhD at the University of Bristol. He now works as a post doctoral researcher in the chemistry department here in Bristol. Steve's PhD concerned the measurement, modelling and analysis of air pollution in cities around the UK. One of the aims of the work was to build a framework whereby very large datasets could be combined and analysed, making best use of current measurements. As part of the research, carbon dioxide measurements were made with a high temporal resolution to investigate the constant and rapidly changing urban atmosphere. Steve is presently working on a range of topics including the application of parallel programming techniques to a computer model that simulates the atmospheric chemistry on a global scale.

Steve has been involved in outreach activities with both primary and secondary school pupils throughout his time in Bristol through the ChemLabS project. As part of the PhD programme he has also worked as a practical laboratory demonstrator, has given undergraduate tutorials in chemistry and assisted in the supervision of project students.

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