* Tim Harrison - Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow and Outreach Director

Tim studied Chemistry at King's College, University of London from 1978-1981 and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at Warwick from 1981-1982. Tim also holds an Open University MSc in Science 1999-2003 (part time)

Mr Tim Harrison

He began teaching at Crown Woods School (ILEA), in Eltham, London from 1982-1988. His responsibilities included being 2nd in charge of Chemistry and in charge of less able science.

In 1988 Tim moved to Rednock School, Dursley, Gloucestershire as Head of Chemistry and was the Science College Director responsible for working with the community and extracurricular science activities for his students. Tim also taught at Mackay North SHS, Queensland, Australia as a seconded teacher of Chemistry. He has also been a marker and item writer for a number of examination boards. 

Tim was on the Educational Panel for the Cheltenham Festivals and the RSC Committee for Schools and Colleges. He is currently an Associate Editor for Chemistry Review magazine, a member of the RSC's Western Region of the Analytical Division and is the Education Officer for the Bristol and District Region of the RSC. In December 2011 Tim was the guest editor for a contemporary science edition of School Science Review.

Together with Dudley Shallcross, and working with Learning Science Ltd, Tim co-authored the practical chemistry support software package A Level Chemistry LabSkills that was presented to all UK schools and teacher training institutions through sponsorship by Pfizer and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He was the primary author engaged with an HEA grant writing Dynamic Laboratory Techniques Manuals (DLTMs) for students transitioning between Post 16 Biology and Physics and corresponding first year undergraduate courses. For more information click here .¬† Tim was also the main author for A Level Biology LabSkills.

Since 2005 Tim has been the first Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow in the School of Chemistry. He has been actively engaged with promoting this role in other organisations and in working with other School Teacher Fellows. He was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Schools Education Award in 2005 and the University of Bristol's Engagement Award for the Faculty of Science in 2007. As a key member of the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach team he is jointly awarded the national ‘Big Tick Awards’ 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Education in the Community In March 2010, Tim was awarded one of the Royal Society's new prestigious 'Hauksbee Awards' to recognize the 'unsung heroes of science' (further information on Hauksbee Award winners may be found here ). As a co-author of DLM/ Chemistry LabSkills Tim’s work contributed to the package of materials awarded the Times Higher Education National Award (Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year category) in 2011. In 2013 Bristol ChemLabS Outreach received ‘Highly Commended’ in the University of Bristol Engagement Awards.

With the appointment of Dudley Shallcross as the Director of the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT), formerly the AZSTT) in 2010, Tim was appointed as the Bristol ChemLabS Director of Outreach in addition to being the Science Communicator in Residence. Tim is the University of Bristol representative of the PSTT College of Primary Teachers. Click here for contact details.

Tim is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist, a member of the Royal Society of South Africa, a Member of the Royal Society of Biology. He is also an Official Collaborator of the "Instituto Nacional de CiÍncia Tecnologia (Brazil) - CatŠlise".

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The Role of the School Teacher Fellow’, D. E. Shallcross and T. G. Harrison (2007),'The Role of the School Teacher Fellow', Chemistry Education Research and Practice, RSC, 8 (1).
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