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Mobile Teaching Unit in the Bristol Evening Post - 18/12/07

Photo of the MTL

The Bristol Evening Post ran an article on the Mobile Teaching Unit on 17 November.


Bristol ChemLabS and AIMS to Share Outreach Knowledge with Turkish Educators - 10/10/07

The two sister CETLs (Bristol ChemLabS and AIMS) will be sharing the knowledge they have gained in primary school outreach work with Turkish educators, in a project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) programme.

The project, titled  ‘Modular Mobile Education: Science Experiments’, or ‘MOBILIM’ for short  (Bilim means ‘Science’ in Turkish), seeks to look for ways to expand the science and technology provision for rural Turkish schools. The joint CETLs Mobile Teaching Unit will also feature in the visit to Bristol in February 2008.

Bristol ChemLabS is to Support a Government initiative on the provision of Triple Science in Schools - 08/10/07

Bristol ChemLabS has received a small grant from the Learning and Skills Network (LSN) to support the Triple Science Support Programme (TSSP) through the provision of aspiration raising visits to the School of Chemistry.

We will be providing opportunities for a number of groups of students from CHeMneT schools to experience working in the recently refurbished Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories on what is hoped will be an annual programme.

From September 2008, all pupils achieving at least level 6 at Key Stage 3 will be entitled to study Triple Science (chemistry, biology and physics) rather than Dual Award Science GCSEs.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), the replacement for the DfES, has engaged the LSN to lead the TSSP.

Details of the aspirational visits will be made available through the CHeMneT e-newsletter.

Bristol is the only Higher Education Institution (HEI) to be involved in the TSSP.

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