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EU funding for Bristol ChemLabS Outreach–11/08/08

A successful application to a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project with the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia has just been announced.

The proposal, entitled 'Hands-on approach to analytical chemistry for vocational schools II', will see Bristol ChemLabS trial new experiments within its secondary school outreach programme. Students visiting the School of Chemistry will have an opportunity to carry out new experiments and, together with their teachers, will provide evaluation and feedback. ChemLabS will run a number of workshops for teachers to trial these new experiments and to evaluate them through its substantial secondary school teacher network CHeMneT.

The project leader Dr Nataša Gros visited Bristol in early August 2008.


Chemistry Course for Non-Specialist GCSE Science Teachers–22/07/08

Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow Tim Harrison will be working with local science teachers on all aspects of GCSE chemistry teaching. The course, 'Chemistry for Non-Specialists' is a training course for those science teachers who are not chemists but who are required to teach aspects of chemistry due to the shortage of specialist chemistry teachers.

The initial dates are 23 and 24 October with follow-up dates on 16 March and 05 June. The course is organised through the Royal Society of Chemistry. For further information please contact Kirstie Hampson at hampsonk@rsc.org.

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Chemistry Lectures for Primary Students in Gloucestershire–30/06/08

Photo of primary schools lecture

Bristol ChemLabS is to work with the University of Gloucestershire and SETPOINT Gloucestershire to present lecture demonstrations for several hundred potential young chemists. This follows on from a highly successful pilot project partnership between Bristol ChemLabS and Bristol Children and Young People's Services.

The dates and other details for the lecture demonstrations will be posted in the primary upcoming events pages.

SEAs Win Postgraduate Student Teaching Prize–30/06/08

This year all three of the Bristol ChemLabS Postgraduate Teaching Prizes have gone to chemists who are also engaged in outreach work with schools as SEAs.

The awards were introduced to recognise formally the highest quality delivery of tutoring and demonstrating within the undergraduate chemistry courses. The winners of these awards are chosen based on the advice of those directly involved in organising postgraduate teaching.

Trinity Meeting, Eltham College, London–26/06/08

Dudley Shallcross is to be the Keynote Speaker at the Trinity Meeting of Heads of Chemistry Departments at London Schools on 01 July.

Dudley Shallcross awarded RSC prize–23/06/08

Triple Science Network Funds Further Aspiration-Raising Outreach for CHeMneT Members - 16/06/08

Triple Science Network logoAs part of its drive to increase the separate sciences at GCSE, the Triple Science Network has funded four more Chemistry Aspiration-Raising days for students in Years 8 to 10. The practical components of these days are to be on Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Day and Caffeine Extraction.

Two additional sessions of teacher training have also been funded. These would be on Climate Change and on the Analytical Chemistry aspects of triple science.

CHeMneT members will be notified of the details of these events by newsletter.

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Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS) Schools' Project to be Published by RSC–15/05/08

Two screenshots from the A-Level DLMNew Dynamic Lab Manual for Schools - 08/05/08

A new product aimed at supporting first year A-Level chemistry students across all exam board specifications will be launched this summer for schools to begin using from September.

AS Chemistry LabSkills has been in development since the start of the year and includes input from University of Bristol chemistry lecturers, school teachers, school teacher fellows and A-Level examiners.

Bristol ChemLabS is partnering Learning Science Ltd to develop this first Dynamic Lab Manual (DLM) for schools and colleges.

"The DLM has transformed the practical chemistry class experience for undergraduates and staff at Bristol, the A-Level DLM will do the same for Post 16 Chemistry." Professor Dudley Shallcross, Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Director.

More information about LabSkills

More information about the DLM

Learning Science Logo Labskills Logo Bristol ChemLabS logo University of Bristol logo

Outreach Exchange, Bristol ChemLabS and Rhodes University, South Africa–06/05/08

Joyce Sewry of The Department of Chemistry at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape will be visiting Bristol ChemLabS 07-13 September with three post-graduate students to participate in Chemistry Outreach activities.

Joyce Sewry comments: "It looks like a great opportunity to get South Africa moving forward in Science Education."

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