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Outreach News Autumn 2008


Bristol ChemLabS works with Gordano Gifted and Talented Scientists to investigate climate change – 12/12/08

Following a presentation by Outreach Director Dudley Shallcross to the KS3 Gifted and Talented cohort at Gordano school on climate change, a partnership is emerging to look at the carbon footprint of the school.


An interesting outcome of Outreach – 13/11/08

How do you go from this to this?
photo of primary school children enjoying a slime experiment photo of school-building in Tamale, North Ghana

At a recent Bristol ChemLabS Outreach event, chemists Phyllis Fiadzomor, Heather Rowlands, Steve Henshaw and Katie Shaw delivered a primary school outreach day to the Central Church of England Junior School in Chichester, West Sussex, and worked with around 100 students in 2 practical workshops; Steve treated the whole school to a demonstration assembly on the 'Gases in the Air'.

Pupils were thrilled with their experience and sent through a lot of feedback. One such postcard reads:
'I loved it today but I also learned something. I used to think that science was boring but it is actually fun. I especially liked doing the goo and making a ball. I am glad we worked with partners because otherwise I would have found it hard. I hope you come back before the end of the year for us to have another chance. From Taylor"

This was a regular outreach day for Bristol ChemLabS, but they wanted to do something a bit special with the money paid by the school to host this event. Because of Phyllis Fiadzomor’s family connections to Ghana, the funds were donated to the Maltiti Development Centre for Girls, Tamale, Northern Ghana to help build a school.

Here is the school’s response:

Thank you very much for the cheque that you sent for use in Ghana. We are currently building a new school building in the village. The villagers have built the bricks now and we are just waiting to finalise the plans before building commences. I have attached some photos of the site for you to see and the block molding.

All the best, Thank you once again.

Ceri Cockram, UK co-ordinator, Maltiti Development Centre for Girls, Tamale, Northern Ghana

photo of school-building in Tamale, North Ghana



Bristol ChemLabS Outreach South African partnership hailed as a success – 04/11/08

Linda, Preeti and Professor Davis-Coleman

Young Bristol Chemists Dr Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur have just completed two weeks of aspiration-raising with school students in South Africa. The majority of the schools engaged were from the townships in Grahamstown and farm schools from the surrounding region. Five hundred and ninety-three students as well as over 20 teachers were engaged directly in chemistry, from 14 schools and a science and maths club in a local museum.

This is the latest  engagement in a strong collaboration between Bristol ChemLabS and Rhodes in the promotion of Chemistry. Following a visit to Scifest Africa in March by Prof Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison, separate visits to Bristol have been made by Prof Mike Davies-Coleman and Joyce Sewry from the Rhodes Chemistry Department. Joyce brought with her 4 postgraduate chemists to observe Bristol ChemLabS schools outreach in September.

The hectic schedule was made all the more demanding by a Chem@rt prize giving ceremony at another school, participation in a science teacher training session, working with a Scifest Africa outreach team, meetings with Rhodes University management and giving lectures on their own research at the Chemistry Department.

Linda and Preeti had already considerable outreach experience working as Science and Engineering Ambassadors in primary and secondary schools and in working with school students in the numerous visits to Bristol’s undergraduate teaching labs. Dr Linda Sellou has been working full time in outreach with ChemLabS since completing her PhD.

‘Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your energy, experience and enthusiasm so generously with us.  You can both be satisfied that you came to South Africa and made a difference!’ Prof  Mike Davies-Coleman Head of chemistry , Rhodes University, Grahamstown South Africa – central in photograph

Tim Harrison, Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow, said: ‘It is always a source of great pleasure to see the postgraduates that I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions using the skills that they have picked up to be able to carry on the important work of raising students interest in both chemistry and the possibility of entering higher education whether in the UK or abroad’.

Photo: Dr Linda Sellou, Prof Mike Davis-Coleman and Preeti Kaur making headlines in South Africa

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