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Outreach News Autumn 2009


Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Team to Work in Malaysia in 2010 - 14/12/09

Following a workshop presentation on outreach by Professor Nick Norman and Tim Harrison the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Kuala Lumpur will be working with Bristol ChemLabS to create outreach activities in preparation for the 2011 National Chemistry Year. This cooperation will involve a team from Bristol working alongside Malaysian postgraduate chemists and training large numbers of them to work with school students in late 2010.


Bthe audience of 'Greenhouse Gases'ristol ChemLabS Influences Outreach in Kyrgyzstan - 08/10/09

A performance of a version of the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' to an international audience in September 2008 inspired the development of a successful chemical show 'Greenhouse gases', which was delivered to educators, youths, eco-NGOs and the mass-media in Kyrgyzstan.

Evgeniia Postnova of the OSCE Centre in Bishkek, senior programme assistant on economic & environmental programmes, was one of the participants of the Climate Change seminar delivered by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison at the National Science Learning Centre within the University of York as part of a week-long event organised by Prof John Holman.

Evegeniia said "I couldn't stop thinking about trying to organize something like this in Central Asia and after some preparations and close work with Institute of Chemistry of Kyrgyzstan we reached some results. A group of 20 scientists from different scientific Institutes also took part, as they wanted to see the 'interactive ways' of communication with broader public to practice it in their further work. "

The other countries participating in the event, sponsored by the British Council, were: China, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, India, Afghanistan, Japan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Nepal, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, Armenia, Estonia, Hungary, Libya, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Portugal and Bulgaria.


Sci-Bono Science Centre, Johannesburg - 14/09/09

Tim Harrison has been invited to work at the Sci-Bono Science Centre in Johannesburg in January to train the science demonstrators there in delivering a number of aspects of outreach work based on the Bristol ChemLabS experience, including the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' and primary outreach workshops. Demonstrators from other science centres are also expected to attend.

The work will be sponsored by the local South African division of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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