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Outreach News Spring 2009


Bristol CETLs help inspire Turkish Leonardo da Vinci Project – 16/03/09

A plan to encourage an increase in practical science in rural Turkey has now become a reality. The Mobilim project is sponsored by the EU and involved both Bristol CETLS (ChemLabS and AIMS) at the start in February 2008, when a group of Turkish education experts visited the University for a fact-finding exercise on science engagement activities which included a look at the Mobile Teaching Unit in action at a Gloucestershire primary school.

Mobilim now has its own mobile laboratory, which will be used to train primary school teachers and also to work with students.

Photo of the Mobilim lorry photo of teachers in the Mobilim lorry
photo of teachers in the Mobilim lorry

Images courtesy of Bozok University


ChemLabS Outreach Director wins another award – 11/02/09

photo of Tim and DudleyDetails on the ChemLabS News page

Chemistry Outreach Malta–06/02/09

Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison will be working with the Ministry of Education in Malta and the Maltese church schools to give performances of 'A Pollutant's Tale' to schools on both Malta and the island of Gozo from 27 April to 02 May. A public performance of the lecture in a village square will also be given. Other planned science activities include science teacher training and working with primary schools.


University Award for Linda Sellou-06/01/09

photo of Linda SellouDr Linda Sellou was announced as winner of the University's Engagement Award for 2008/09. Linda works closely with Tim Harrison and Dudley Shallcross and she has been responsible for delivering school and other outreach and engagement activities both within the UK and globally.

Linda will be given her award at the University's Learning and Teaching Exhibition, which will be held on Thursday 08 January 2009. Dr David Smith was the recipient of this award last year.


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