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Outreach News Autumn 2011


Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Involved in Project that Wins National Award - 22/12/11

An EU Project on Spectroscopy for Vocational Science Courses has just won a National Award in Slovenia. The AnalChemVoc11 project won first prize for the best project in the category Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation. Bristol ChemLabS Outreach was brought into the project, completed in 2010, to provide the Outreach components at both primary and secondary school level

The best projects ‘reflect the main priorities of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) are distinguished by their content, international cooperation and involvement of various partners and achieve meaningful results for individuals, organization and the wider community. As such, they represent examples of good practice...http://www.kii3.ntf.uni-lj.si/analchemvoc2/file.php/1/HTML/slike/nagrada_jabolko_m.jpg

The two year project involved the University of Ljubljana, the University of Gdansk, the University of Bristol and five Slovenian vocational schools and was headed up by Dr. Natasa Gros(Ljubljana).

For information on the project click here.

New Chem@rt Gallery Launched - 14/12/11


The Chem@rt Gallery 2011/12 has been compiled and is now available to teachers. The 6th Gallery contains 14 new images produced by researchers working in the School of Chemistry at Bristol. These beautiful and intriguing pictures are used in all sorts of ways mainly in primary schools and especially in combination with Literacy or Art lessons. The teachers have access to a brief scientific description as well as a glossary of terms used.

The chemists who volunteered the images this year are: David Jones & Paul May (2), Chinwe Udeh (2), David Wilby, Martin Crabtree (Sherborne School for Girls) & Tim Harrison, Dominic Walsh, Jon Knapp, Joshua Konne, Thom Sharp, Dean Williams, Jeroen van Duijneveldt & Wuge Briscoe, David Glowacki, Phillip Tew & Lee Malcolm, Rebecca Rose, Zhecheng Shao and Natalie Wood.

For further information please contact Alison Rivett on chemart-quiz@bristol.ac.uk or see here for more details.


Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Returns to France - 22/11/11

Bristol postgraduate chemists Elle Wadsworth, Benoit Quignon and Mohamed Benama delivered chemistry outreach workshops at the l'Université de Picardie, Amiens, France during November 21-25 as part of the British Council's 'Science In Schools' Programme.

The young chemists delivered the series of talks, lecture demonstrations and practical work, mainly in English, that are normally given in UK schools. Up to 150 'Aimhigher' French students saw the talk 'Gases in the Air' delivered by Elle Wadsworth and translated, where necessary, by Mohamed Benama and Benoit Quignoon who are both French Nationals. They also experienced hands-on practicals that helped develop their investigation and measurement skills. Talks were also be given by the British Council and the host university on higher education and careers in chemistry.

This is the fourth year that the British Council in France has both sponsored and worked with Bristol ChemLabS. In previous years outreach activities have been held in northern Paris, Marseille and Lille.

Director of Outreach Tim Harrison said 'Bristol ChemLabS ability to provide quality outreach events is evidenced by the continued sponsorship by the British Council. I expect the French school students, their teachers and our own postgraduates to have a very good time.'

The following schools attended; Collège Marcelin Berthelot (Nogent sur Oise), Collège Gaston Vasseur (Feuquières en Vimeu), Collège Louis Pasteur (Noyon), Collège Edouard Herriot (Nogent sur Oise) and Collège Gérard Philippe (Soissons).

A French TV report can be found here. 14:40 mins into the clip.
A report in the French press can be found here.

School Science Review December Edition - 14/11/11

The December edition of School Science Review (SSR), guest-edited by Tim Harrison, contains several articles by chemists from the School of Chemistry. The edition features articles on contemporary science, the inspiration for which results from the annual conferences on contemporary science provided by Bristol ChemLabS Outreach for teachers.

The Bristol chemists featured are Preeti Kaur (Astrobiology: life in extreme environments), Marcus Badger, Rich Pancost and Tim Harrison (Determining how atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have changed during the history of the Earth), Dudley Shallcross and Damien Martin (Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)), some of the immortal molecules in the Earth's atmosphere) and Azmi Mohamed and Julian Eastoe (How can we use carbon dioxide as a solvent?). Several of the other authors have featured in ChemLabS schools' conferences in recent years.


'A Pollutant's Tale' in the news! - 31/10/11

The lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' is the subject of an article written by South African journalist Tracy Probert in 'Teaching the truth about climate change'. The article is available here.

Outreach links in South Africa continue - 31/10/11

Outreach links with South Africa continue to be disseminated widely with Joyce Sewry of Rhodes University regularly presenting papers and a poster highlighting some of the advantages of engaging in the sort of chemistry Outreach developed at Bristol ChemLabS.

A presentation entitled 'Community Engagement: The Changing Role of South African Universities in Development' is being given in East London, South Africa and a series of papers will be presented under the general heading: 'The Power of Partnerships: Towards Knowledge and Capacity-Building'.

A poster can be downloaded here and a paper authored by staff from both Rhodes and Bristol ChemlabS published this month can be found here.


August-September: Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Continues to Support Southern African Schools’ Chemistry

Tim Harrison and Sophie Franklin, supported by the Chemistry Department at Rhodes University presented ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to 2000 students and teachers in both the Eastern and Western Cape. The majority of the students were from township schools in Grahamstown, Paarl and Stellenbosch. An afternoon workshop on chemical kinetics was also delivered to 30 South African and visiting Namibian teachers. Part of the tour was supported by the SEEDS project supported in part by the Dutch Embassy in South Africa.

In Namibia Bristol ChemLabS was present at the 7th National Science Technology and Innovation Week (NAMSCI) 2011. The team delivered eight performances of ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to a total of 1600 students (learners) and teachers aged 8 to 17 as part of the annual science festival. The students attending were mainly from township schools centred on the capital city of Windhoek. Dudley Shallcross, aided by Dr Sunny Sunassee and Prof Mike Davies-Coleman from Rhodes University, South Africa, delivered a 2 hour performance of ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to an audience of 200 students and researchers at the remote desert research station. Students attended from as far afield as Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. This visit was sponsored by the Namibian Ministry of Education and Bristol’s Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (ACRG).

The lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' is the subject of an article written by South African journalist Tracy Probert in her article 'Teaching the truth about climate change'. The article is available here.


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