Science Comes Alive in Jersey Schools

Students in Jersey between the ages of 5 and 18 are having science lessons that are even more exciting than normal during the Jersey Science Week. The Bristol Centres for Excellence in Teaching and learning (CETLs), Bristol ChemLabS and AIMS, have jointly created the Jersey Science Week. The Bristol team are in Jersey to inspire and enthuse young people about the chemical and biological sciences. This event aims to engage more pupils at critical stages of their school career and raise their aspirations. The team of 8 are spending the week working with the majority of the primary and secondary school students on the island.

Sarah Johnson, from the Department for Education, Sport & Culture, says “We are delighted that this wide range of novel and exciting workshops will be offered to local primary, secondary and post-16 students”.  

Tim Harrison in the Mobile Teaching Laboratory Photo of the MTL exterior

For a week beginning 31 March the University of Bristol brought over the joint CETLs' Mobile Teaching Unit, which is being run by AIMS, the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning based within the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Bristol. This is a lorry that expands to turn into a seminar room and lab. It is situated at Hautlieu School and students from a number of island schools are benefiting from hands-on anatomy and physiology demonstrations. The team from the Faculty of Medical Sciences are running up to 7 workshops in the vehicle per day.

As well as the Mobile Teaching Unit, scientists from the University of Bristol team will be working in schools. Throughout the week the team of chemists will visit primary schools and run assemblies about ‘The Gases of the Air’ and workshops with experiments involving measuring, investigatory and teamwork skills.

Images from the "A Pollutant's Tale" lecture

Tim Harrison will dedicate himself to secondary schools and will deliver the chemistry demonstration lecture entitled ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to students from Years 7 to 13. Throughout the lecture there are chemistry demonstrations involving liquid nitrogen, oxygen foam, dry ice and a few explosions!

Tim says "This visit follows on from a very successful input into the National Science and Engineering Week in the UK, where Bristol ChemLabS engaged with 1980 school students from 51 primary and secondary schools across the south of England. In Jersey we are engaging with up to 1200 students per day in a mammoth outreach effort. The team we have operating here are a credit to themselves and the University of Bristol".

The Department for Education, Sport & Culture is running this Science Week for the first time in order to inspire, enthuse, excite and educate tomorrow’s potential scientists and raise their aspirations and achievement.


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