Jersey Schools’ Science Week 2010

For the second time in two years the two Bristol Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs) working with the Jersey Department for Education, Sport and Culture created a Science week for the students of the largest of the Channel Islands.

Lauren Hughes and Kimberly Healey from AIMS, the Medical Sciences CETL, delivered 12 one hour sessions for Senior GCSE and Post 16 biologists and sports scientists working in de La Salle School and Jersey College for Girls. In total over 200 students were engaged in small group teaching sessions to explore the anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs including measuring lung capacity, listening to heart sounds and recording the electrical activity of the heart.

Outreach teams from Bristol ChemLabS divided their time between secondary and primary school students and a teacher training session. Tim Harrison or Ben Cheesman gave 13 targeted performances of the lecture demonstration ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to students from Year 7 to 13 and to mature students. Secondary schools attending the fifteen performances were Grainville, Hautlieu, Haute Vallee, De La Salle, Victoria College, Highlands College and Jersey College for Girls. In total 2600 students saw the lecture about atmospheric pollution and climate change.

A team of postgraduate chemists led by Alison Rivett spent their time enthusing  primary school pupils and their teachers with hands on experiments and investigation into slime, using chemistry to time events, analysis of acids and modelling perfume components. Alison, Kate Hanford and Adele Laurain between them gave 5 performances of Gases in the Atmosphere in 5 whole school assemblies. Around 2000 students aged 4 to 11 saw liquid nitrogen experiments, dry ice changing the colours of indicator, methanol vapour and hydrogen explosions. 410 of the older pupils also had the chance to work alongside research chemists in the two hour workshops. Mindy Dulai and James Kitulagoda were on hand to lend their experience to the workshops. Rouge  Bouillon, Janvrin, D’Auvergne, Mont l’Abbe, St James, Trinity, St Martin, St John, St Peter, Bel Royal, Les Landes, Grouville , Samares and St Lukes schools took part in the five day, ten workshop primary science week.

Dudley Shallcross, assisted by Ben Cheesman also delivered a 2.5 hour workshop for 15 teachers on the science behind climate change during this week long event.

The previous Jersey Science Week was held in 2008. A report may be found at:


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