An interview with an UAS Student

What did you get out of the UAS schools project?

A lot! Not only did I start to learn how to teach, and develop extremely useful skills for later life (communication, leadership, presentation...), but you get to contribute to pupils' education, be a role model, and also develop research skills in the process. I therefore learned a lot about the topics I was researching.

What do you think the schools got out of the project?

I think they had a teacher's aide, someone to give the pupils more attention in class, and also provide them with knowledge they might not have learnt without a chemistry student there. The lessons were more productive and more content was covered as two teachers could share the workload and provide more attention to pupils. In addition, 'magic shows' were performed, using university equipment which schools would not normally have access to. I also very much hope they enjoyed having me there, and also learnt something from me, as I learned a great deal from them.

What do you think the kids got out of the project?

I think they learned some content that they would not normally have learned in their course. They also got to observe demonstrations they would not normally see in school. They received extra attention, and also had the opportunity to hear explanations taught in a different style, hopefully boosting their understanding and enjoyment. They also discovered more about studying chemistry at university, which they had a lot of questions about.

What did you enjoy the most?

Teaching the pupils, especially one on one and performing the chemistry ‘magic’ show.

What did you enjoy the least?

Telling off badly behaved pupils!

What would you do differently if you had to do it all over again?

Try to discover the exact nature and content of my project before entering the school so I can 'hit the ground running', although this is difficult as you discover needs and come up with ideas through teaching and being in a school.

Are you applying / have you applied / will you apply for teacher training?

Yes I will, I have already sorted a job for the next year, but will apply during the year, some of my friends from home are starting this September (as they graduated last year) so I am looking forward to joining them as well!


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