Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS) - Also called 'Schools Project'

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Following a successful pilot in 2005 Bristol ChemLabS has continued running the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS), with BSc (Hons) undergraduate students. The students carry out their final year 'project' working with local primary or secondary schools to develop chemistry/science resources, solve chemistry-based education problems or to carry out chemical education research. This is part of a national programme details of which can be found at the UAS website. If you are a Bristol-based teacher interested in hosting a project student and are situated reasonably close to the University of Bristol please contact the project supervisor Tim Harrison.

"Doing this project made a lot of sense for me, as I knew I wasn't after a career in Chemical research and teaching was, and still is, what I want to do. Had I not done this project it may have been difficult to get teaching experience this year as well as spending hours in a lab. As the project was so open ended a lot of initiative and creativity was needed but this was an enjoyable challenge. Going back to basics and seeing science from the perspective of a primary school pupil helped me develop a fresh approach to science."

Jane Boyes


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More information may be found on the UAS website.

Please note this scheme is not to be confused with the STEM Ambassadors (formerly SEAs) Programme . The latter is the scheme that is used to train Postgraduate Chemists to work with school students as part of Bristol ChemLabS Outreach Activities.

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