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A-Level Chemistry LabSkills, an updated product aimed at supporting the full A-Level and International Baccalaureate chemistry courses across all exam board specifications, has now been launched for schools to begin using from September 2009.

CHeMneT is the School of Chemistry’s network of chemistry teachers, their schools and other interested individuals. The network primarily incorporates schools in South West England and South Wales but also those from further afield. New members from anywhere are always welcome to CHeMneT, which as of which as of May 2012 is over 850-strong.

The purpose of CHeMneT is to provide a way of facilitating the transfer of information about the outreach activities of the School of Chemistry directly to those teachers who can make use of them. It also passes on information on events run by other organisations run in collaboration with the network. It is not our intention to overload teachers with information and therefore CHeMneT mail-shots are kept to a minimum.

CHeMneT is here to support all areas of Chemistry teaching and to make available the excellent resources found in the School of Chemistry. We are especially keen to offer support by running masterclasses and workshops that support KS 3-5 Chemistry, both for teachers and also for students. CHeMneT is designed for secondary school teachers, both in state schools or the private sector, who want to be notified of future outreach activities without having to keep checking our upcoming activities page. We also have a network of primary schools.

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Why CHeMneT?

Carbon is the building block of life, Helium is of course a noble gas, Manganese is an example of a metal, electrons are always blue and Tritium is an example of isotopes and radioactivity.

How to Join CHeMneT

Photo of secondary school students in the Undergraduate Teaching LaboratoriesTeachers wishing to join CHeMneT should contact :

Bristol ChemLabS
School of Chemistry, Cantock's Close, Bristol BS8 1TS
Tel: 0117 928 8313, Fax: 0117 925 0612

Please note that the CHeMneT membership list is never divulged to third parties.

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