* 16–18 and 18–20 July: Salters' Chemistry Camps - Short Summer Schools for Y10 Students

Bristol ChemLabS hosted two short residential summer schools that mainly concentrated on pharmaceutical chemistry. These camps were each for three days and two nights. A total of 100 15-year-olds attended the camps from schools around the UK. Students experienced staying in University Halls of Residence and using the new Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories in the School of Chemistry.

photo of Salters Camp students

The students performed 4 long experiments with help from their group teachers and Bristol postgraduate chemists. These included making the chemicals to create their own blueprint images, preparing aspirin and benzocaine and extracting a carvone from caraway seeds. A considerable amount of analytical chemistry was coupled with the experiments. Students had the opportunity to use thin layer chromatography (TLC), melting point apparatus, diamond infrared spectroscopy as well as the more usual test tube based analytical tests.

In addition to talks from Bristol PhD students about their work, the students were given the chance to hear about what it is like to be a pharmaceutical chemist as GlaxoSmithKline staff Katharine (Kat) Collis and Lee Page were present to give presentations and to work with the students.

photo of Salters Camp student

The evening's entertainment for the students comprised a lecture demonstration on atmospheric chemistry by Tim Harrison and Dudley Shallcross, a quiz and tenpin bowling.

Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow Tim Harrison said of the camps: “The students have the chance to delve into areas of chemistry that may not be covered at school until Post 16, if at all,  and to use equipment that is normally only seen in text books.”

Each group of ten students worked with a school teacher and a Postgraduate Chemist. The group teachers working with the students were Valerie Davies, Stewart McCutcheon, Amanda Flowers, Sally Weston and Karen Marshall. The Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) present for Camp 1, (16-18 July) were Marcus Medley, Jenny Kent, Junwei Wang, Katie Shaw and Alex Webb. For Camp 2 (18-20 July) they were Joanne Rowe, Paul Hamer, Judith Brown, Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur.

photo of students and a teacher at one of the Salters Camp s

The Salters’ Camps are co sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

CHeMneT members please note that information and bookings for future camps will not be available from the School of Chemistry but from the Salters' Company from late November 2007.


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