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17 December: A-Level Presentation at Wellsway School, Keynsham

Dudley Shallcross presented Christopher Sandford (formerly of Wellsway School Keynsham) with a certificate, book and cheque on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry to celebrate the fact that Christopher obtained the top mark in A level Chemistry this year for the exam board he sat.

07-11 December: Chemistry Winter Schools, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Tim Harrison and a team of postgraduates worked alongside academic staff and postgraduates from the Department of Chemistry at NUS on their third annual Chemistry Winter Schools. These workshops formed part of the 80th Anniversary celebrations of Chemistry being taught in Singapore.

Full report of the event

09 December: Spectroscopy Tours

Professor Dudley Shallcross led a morning and afternoon session of spectroscopy tours for Year 13 students from the regions schools. Students were given an introductory overview before embarking on a series of talks and visits to experience infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometery, Gas chromatography, NMR, electron microscopy, X-ray and crystallography. In total 100 students with their teachers enjoyed the 10 sessions involving 50 20-minute talks and over 20 members of the School of Chemistry.

Schools represented were Dean Close, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Patchway, Ivybridge Community College, Clevedon Community and St Antony’s Leweston.

03 December: Schools' Conferences, Tudor Hall, Oxfordshire

Tim Harrison and Alice Roberts presented two mini conferences at the north Oxfordshire school. The morning session saw Alice Roberts give the talk 'The Incredible Human Journey' based on the BBC programme she presented and Tim Harrison performed the lecture demonstration 'A Chemical Delight' to an audience of 120 students from Years 7 to 9. The afternoon saw a repeat of the same lectures but at a higher level to 200 senior students from Tudor Hall and local schools.

02 December: Christmas Chemistry Schools' Conference photo of Alice Roberts

A total of 475 Year 8 to 12 students from a total 17 schools and a Home Education Centre spread across Southern England and South Wales attended the fifth Christmas Chemistry Schools' Conference held in the School of Chemistry at Bristol. The programme included a lecture from Alice Roberts on 'The Chemistry of Death' and a talk by postgraduate chemist Katie Shaw on the question 'How are new medicines made?' After a break for mince pies and refreshments, Tim Harrison gave a performance of the lecture demonstration 'A Chemical Delight' to complete the afternoon.

The students in attendance came from: Ansford School, Carmel Christian School, City Academy, Downside School, Licensed Victuallers' School, Nova Rheod Pates' Grammar School, St Bede's Catholic College, St Julian's School (Newport), Sherborne School for Girls, Tewkesbury School, Winchcombe School, Clevedon Community School, Stonehenge School, Stroud High School, Yate International Academy, Home Education Centre (Bristol) and home tutored students.

01 December: Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, North Somerset

Tim Harrison gave a performance of 'A Pollutant's Tale' to 220 year 10 students in preparation for their module examinations at the specialist college in Weston-super-Mare. This engagement was sponsored through the North Somerset Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) project.


20 November: Carmel Christian School, Bristol

Tim Harrison gave the lecture demonstration 'Gases in the Air' to all 70 students ranging in age from pre-schoolers to Year 11 students.

13 November: Kings College, Taunton, Somerset

Postgraduate Chemist Katie Shaw delivered the lecture 'Drug design and Computational Chemistry: Where someone like me fits in' to an audience of 70 post 16 students as part of the school's Friday evening science lecture series.

13 November: Downside School, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Bath

Tim Harrison gave two performances of the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutants Tale' to 75 fourth year and 100 second and third year students at the school near Radstock in Somerset.

11 November: National Chemistry Week Chemistry of Food Schools’ Conference, Bristol ChemLabS

More than 340 students and teachers from schools in Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Bristol enjoyed three talks in the schools' conference, organized by the university's School of Chemistry. The food theme has been chosen in support of the Royal Society of Chemistry's National Chemistry Week, to promote a positive image of chemical sciences by holding a variety of events linking chemistry and food. The Royal Society of Chemistry co-sponsored the event.

Tim Harrison, standing in for an unwell John Emsley (Cambridge), gave a talk on the chemistry of fragrances and flavours. Andrew Chapman, a Bristol chemistry postgraduate student, gave a talk on ‘The Chemistry of Chocolate’. All participants enjoyed the fruits of Andrew’s training as a chef by enjoying the difference between tempered and untempered chocolate as they related it to the type of crystallization present. After a break involving the intake of carbohydrates and lipids (donuts) the large audience was entertained by Professor Peter Barham on the science of cooking. Although Pete is from Bristol's Department of Physics, he is also a visiting professor of Gastronomy at Copenhagen and well qualified to present a lecture on the entitled 'Molecular Gastronomy'. All participants enjoyed samples of chocolate or strawberry ice-cream produced by the presenters as they left the School of Chemistry.

The event was covered in the local newspapers and on BBC Radio Bristol.

The schools attending were: Backwell School (Bristol), Bristol Grammar School, City Academy (Bristol), Dauntsey’s School, (Wiltshire), Kingswood School (Bath, N. Somerset), Portsmouth Grammar School (Hampshire), Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School (Bristol), Red Maids School (Bristol), Strode College (Somerset), Taunton School (Somerset), Tudor Hall (Banbury, Oxon).

09 November 2009: Gordano School, North Somerset

Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison presented the lecture demonstration ‘A Chemical Delight’ to an audience of 100 gifted and talented students from Years 7 to 13. The lecture was as funded as part of the North Somerset Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) project.

06 November: Priory Community School, Weston-super-Mare, N. Somerset  

Tim Harrison gave 3 performances of ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’ to a total of 120 Year 9 students and 240 Year 10 students at the Technology Specialist College. These lecture demonstrations were sponsored by the ISSP programme organised by North Somerset's WEP Office.

05 November: Bristol Children’s Hospital, Bristol

Bristol STEM Ambassador Chemists Katie Hanford and Adele Laurain took a number of chemistry demonstrations and practicals to the local hospital to work with 7 long term patients.

04 November: Green Chemistry Workshop, Kingswood School, Bath

Thirty-seven Year 12 students enjoyed a morning spent working in the undergraduate teaching laboratories working on the depolymerisation of PET, the ‘plastic’ that many soft drinks bottles are made from, and using spectrometers to analyse the concentration of a coloured solution. In the afternoon the students enjoyed the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' given by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison

The postgraduate demonstrators assisting were Oleysa Myakonkaya, Christa Bunzli and James Kitulagoda. The day was partly sponsored by an EU grant.

02 November: Spectroscopy Workshop, Broadlands School, North Somerset

Tim Harrison and Postgraduate Chemist Chinwe Ulasi worked with 24 Year 11 students at the Specialist Science College on the edge of Bristol to deliver a 2 hour spectroscopy workshop. The activity, sponsored by an EU grant taught students to use a visible spectrophotometer to create a calibration curve which was then used to determine the exact concentration of a diluted food colour solution.

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21 October: The East & South Somerset Careers Fair, Somerset

Bristol ChemLabS exhibited at the Connexions-organised careers fair taking place at the Westlands Conference & Leisure Complex, Yeovil from 3:30 to 8:00pm. ChemLabS also presented on behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

21 October: CREST Awards Day, Clifton High School, Bristol

40 Y9 students worked in the undergraduate teaching laboratories on a project involving fuel cells, Grätzel cells and ultraviolet visible spectroscopy.

20 October: Independent State School Partnership Future Pathways Challenge, Wellington College, Berks

Bristol ChemLabS provided a lecture demonstration for 120 Y9 students engaged on this Independent State School Partnership funded science week. Additionally, two analytical chemistry workshops for 40 students were made available.
The schools attending were: The Holt School, The Forest School, Emmbrook, Waingels College, The Bulmershe School, St Crispins, The Piggott, Maiden Erlegh, Easthampstead Park School, Sandhurst School, Edgbarrow School, Tomlinscote School, King International College and Collingwood College.

14 October: Redland High School for Girls, Bristol

Post 16 students spent the day in the undergraduate teaching labs preparing aspirin and also worked on ultraviolet spectroscopy.

13 October: Spectroscopy Day, Leweston School, Dorset

Tim Harrison visited the school to work on aspects of spectroscopy with Y11 classes and post-16 girls on ultraviolet spectroscopy and Infrared spectroscopy experiments as part of an EU funded project.

09 October: Lecture Demonstration, Stroud High, Gloucestershire

Dudley Shallcross gave a performance of the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' tor Y9 students at the Gloucestershire secondary school.

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22 September: A Pollutant's Tale, St Joseph's School, Cornwall

All 100 students from Y6 to 11 at the Launceston school saw a performance of 'A Pollutant's Tale' given by Tim Harrison and STEM Ambassador Ben Cheesman.

The performance was part of an award made by Bristol ChemLabS in recognition that students from that school had won the RSC Bill Bryson Prize for science writing in 2008.

10, 11, 14, 16 & 17 September: Schools Spectroscopy Visits

Bristol ChemLabS once more ran the annual series of half-day visits on spectroscopy for Post 16 chemistry students.

Students were given an introductory overview before embarking on a series of talks and visits to experience infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometery, NMR, electron microscopy, X-ray and crystallography. In total 430 students with their teachers enjoyed the 10 sessions involving 260 20-minute talks and over 20 members of the School of Chemistry.

Schools represented were Colstons Girls, Clifton High School, The Ridings High School, Tudor Hall, Castle School, Marlwood, Cotham School, King Edward's School (Bath), Blundells School, Dauntsey's School, Marlborough College, Abbeyfield, Cheltenham College, Kingswood School, Bath City Academy, King's College Taunton, Backwell School, Filton College, Sherborne, Hardenhuish, Wootton Bassett, St Brendan's VIth Form College, Tewkesbury School and Bradford Grammar School.

04 September: A Pollutant's Tale, Townsville, Australia

Tim Harrison gave the last of this year's lecture-demonstrations for school students in Queensland at James Cook University. The Townsville-based university played host to a total of 60 Y11 and Y12 students from 3 local schools.

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