* Trinity College Dublin Chemistry Summer School

The 6th Bristol ChemLabS-Trinity College Dublin Chemistry Summer School 2010

Dates Monday, 28 June until Friday, 2 July 2010

The School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol and the Department of Chemistry Trinity College Dublin are holding a joint summer school for Year 12 chemistry students from the South West region of England. Year 11 students going on to study AS level chemistry will also be considered.

The summer school will start in The School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol UK and will move to Trinity College Dublin, Ireland during the week.

Students participating will need a valid passport (possibly a valid visa for non UK passport holders) and European reciprocal healthcare card.

Students will experience:

Practical techniques that will be experienced include suction filtration, rotary evaporation, distillation, steam distillation, thin layer chromatography (TLC), melting point determination, solvent extraction, infrared spectroscopy, polarimetry, titration, back titration, ultraviolet spectroscopy and use of a volumetric pipette. The students will be working in undergraduate teaching laboratories in both universities and will experience what undergraduate students do. Their practical work will be supported by university teaching staff and by postgraduate chemists from both universities trained to work with young people.

Other Academic Activities

Participating students will have a tour of both Chemistry Departments and have lectures by academic staff and postgraduate research chemists.

Social Activities

Students will have a number of evening social activities planned. It should be noted that students will have considerable freedom in the evenings outside of these activities where they are not chaperoned by university staff.


This will be in halls of residence in both universities. UK students and Irish students have the option of being day students in their respective countries. Students will be expected to get themselves to and from the University of Bristol for the first part of the week and at the end of the summer school. Some local students living near Bristol may wish to stay at home rather than using Bristol halls of residence. Students will also be expected to maintain high levels of cooperation, consideration for others and self-discipline during this week.


Apart from breakfast at halls of residence and a few group meals, students will need to be responsible for their own meals. This is especially true of lunches. Both universities are situated in cities where there are a number of reasonably-priced sandwich bars etc.


The currency in Ireland is the Euro.


Insurances will be the responsibility of the participants. Each participant will be expected to carry documentation for the EU health care as a minimum.


The summer school is expected to cost £480 for each student to participate.  Students may be eligible for a bursary towards this cost.  This will depend on any extra funding we receive from outside of the university which is not known at this time and should not be relied upon. This cost is for accommodation, some subsistence, flights to Ireland, transport within UK and Ireland. The laboratory costs are already sponsored in both Ireland and Bristol (Note: these laboratory costs are considerable).

In order to reserve a place on the summer school, please send a non-refundable deposit of £125.  Please make the cheque payable to ‘University of Bristol’ and send it with the application form to:

Mrs Sue Williams
School of Chemistry
University of Bristol
Cantock’s Close
Bristol  BS8 1TS

We will require payment of the balance by Monday, 31st May 2010 in order to book the flights to Dublin.

Please complete the on-line application form here


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NOTE Bristol Only Summer School

In the event of more students applying than there are spaces for at Trinity, we would consider UK only students (as in previous years), i.e. Mon–Wed lunchtime costing approximately £145 plus any accommodation and meals. Again this is already subsidised by sponsorship.


Laboratory coats and safety glasses will be provided. Students will be expected to follow the School of Chemistry's rules on health and safety in the laboratories (which can be read here) as well as the specific health and safety requirements of the experiments.

Reports on previous years' Summer School

For further details of the summer school please contact sue.williams@bris.ac.uk


Please complete the on-line application form here


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