* Polymer Chemistry Days for Y10 Chemistry Students

These give schools the opportunity to bring up to 100 Y10 students to the School of Chemistry for a day and let them get a feel of what a university science department is like.

Small groups of students taken from each school will be mixed together into larger groups.

Please Note: For those students whose school profiles fit the AimHigher descriptors, funding may be possible. It will be up to the school to organise this funding through their own application processes.

Outline of the Day

9:45 Arrive at the School of Chemistry

Safety briefing and practical session on polymer chemistry. This will involve a circus of experiments, each led by a postgraduate chemist. The number of experiments undertaken by a student will depend on their level of practical skills.

The experiments will include

  • Making Casein (a protein based polymer) from milk
  • Making a nylon
  • Investigating PVA polymer composition (slime)
  • Investigating the thermoplastic properties of a polymer
  • Making a precursor for a nylon monomer


12:10–12:30 A brief tour of the School of Chemistry

Break for Lunch

Students can bring their packed lunch and eat it in the second level common room (where there is also a shop selling drinks), or if the weather is fine in Royal Fort Gardens.

  Lunch is followed by three lectures
13:15–13:45 What is it like to be an undergraduate student at Bristol?
13:45– 14:15 A short lecture by one of the School's postgraduate students
14:15–15:00 A short lecture demo on ‘The Gases in the Air’
15:30 Departure

Health and Safety

Extremely Important! Students and accompanying staff will be expected to follow the School of Chemistry's rules for visiting school scientists on health and safety in the laboratories as well as the specific health and safety requirements of the experiments.

This information MUST be made available to all pupils and accompanying adults.

This information MUST be made available to all pupils and accompanying adults.
Failure to observe these rules will result in no admittance to the laboratories for students or accompanying staff.

Click for full Bristol ChemLabS Health and Safety Rules

safety sign - no ballet shoes!

photo by riot_jane

The general rules include

Failure to observe safety rules including inappropriate clothing will result in no admission to the laboratories either for students or accompanying teachers.

Bristol ChemLabS has a more than sufficient supply of lab coats and safety glasses available for students and accompanying staff.  However, if students or staff wish to bring their own that is fine. Lab coats and safety glasses must be worn at all times in the laboratory. Failure to do so will result in no admittance to the laboratory or removal from it.


Please contact chem-net@bristol.ac.uk to express an interest. These workshops can get filled very quickly. When applying for places please make it clear as to whether your school is applying under AimHigher (state schools only).


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