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Photo from Singapore workshop10-14 December: Chemistry Workshops at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

A team from Bristol ChemLabS joined with the Department of Chemistry of the National University of Singapore (NUS) to provide several chemistry workshops for 13 -17-year-olds. This was the first of what is hoped to be a regular event.


More details and student comments

More details from the NUS' website

Article on University of Bristol Website


05 December: Y10 or 11 Caffeine Extraction Morning

24 KS4 students from Broadlands School, Keynsham enjoyed a two and a half hour practical class working alongside postgraduate chemists.

05 December: Christmas Chemistry Conference 2007

390 KS4 and Post 16 students from all over the South West were treated to a lecture from Dr John Emsley (Cambridge) on aspects of modern consumer chemistry. This was followed by Professor Jacquie Arkavan (Cranford) giving a demonstration lecture on explosives. The School of Chemistry thanks the Department of Physics for the loan of their lecture theatre.

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28 November Y12/13 Drugs Synthesis Chemistry

As part of the Bristol ChemLabS Schools' Laboratory Programme a full day's practical workshop saw students make aspirin and benzocaine in 5 full hours of practical time. The practicals made use of techniques and equipment not normally found in schools.

The students, who came from St John's School, Marlborough and Leweston School, Dorset were assisted by SEAs Katie Shaw, Yvonne O'Connell and Marcus Medley.

23 November: SCI Lecture, Westonbirt School, Tetbury

Tim Harrison gave the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' to over 200 students from Y10 to 13. This was a joint venture between Westonbirt School, Gloucs and Malmesbury School, Wilts. The lecture was introduced by Ian Donaldson, the SCI Bristol & South West Regional Group Chairman.

21 November: Y12/13 Organic Chemistry

On the day that the two University of Bristol CETLs had their official opening, around 45 15-year-old students from 3 schools were invited to use the undergraduate teaching laboratories. The students came from St Bedes R.C Secondary School (Bristol) and 2 Gloucestershire schools, Tewkesbury School and The Crypt.

The students spent the afternoon extracting caffeine from tea leaves. The experiment made use of equipment not commonly found in schools. The students worked with postgraduate SEAs Marcus Medley, Sarah Newbury and Katie Shaw.

16 November: 'A Pollutant's Tale', Blundell's School, Devon

Photo of Tim Harrison during the lecture A Pollutant's Tale

Tim Harrison gave an evening performance of the popular lecture 'A Pollutant's Tale' to an audience of forty Y11 and Post 16 students at the Tiverton school.

14 November: Year 13 Spectroscopy

The last Spectroscopy Tours of the year saw over 90 Y13 Chemists  in two sessions working with a team of 11 academics, technical staff and postgraduate chemists during their sessions on mass spectrometry, NMR, infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet visible spectroscopy and electron microscopy.

Students came from Queen Elizabeth Hospital School (Bristol), Ivybridge Community School (Devon), Bristol Cathedral School, King’s college Taunton, Filton College (Bristol) and Badminton School (Bristol).

Altogether this term around 500 Post 16 chemists and their teachers have been in the School of Chemistry. These events are sponsored by Bristol ChemLabS and the local branch of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

07 November: Schools’ Chemistry Week 2007 Conference

Dr Richard Pancost (Bristol) started the afternoon’s talks with a lecture entitled ‘Biomolecules tell us about how climate changed in the past... and how it might change in the future.’ This was followed by Linda Sellou, a Bristol postgraduate (and SEA), who talked on 'Toothpaste Chemistry'. The final session of the day was 'A Pollutant's Tale', given by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison. Sixty KS4 and Post 16 students attended the conference, which was sponsored by the local section of The Royal Society of Chemistry.

06 November: Free Climate Change Course for Teachers

This 2-hour session was given primarily by Dudley Shallcross, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, who took a group of science teachers through the ‘white-knuckle ride’ of the chemistry of ozone depletion, climate change and climate modelling.

The course, given free of charge to CHeMneT members, usually takes place twice per year. The session aims to equip science teachers with an undergraduate level of the subject matter and to highlight current areas of research. Details of the next course will appear in CHeMneT newsletters.

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31 October: KS4 Alternative Fuels (Badminton School, Royal Society Project only)

43 Y10 students and 3 staff from Badminton school spent the day at the School of Chemistry involved in a project on the Chemistry of Alternative Fuels. This project was jointly funded by the Royal Society, Badminton School and Bristol ChemLabS.

The students undertook a number of experiments in the 3-hour practical session in the undergraduate teaching laboratories, making biodiesel from a range of 8 different vegetable oils, looking at the energy released by the burning of different alcohols and fuel cell chemistry; they also investigated the heats of reaction of a number of non-combustion reactions.

After a tour of the department and a lunch break the students enjoyed a detailed lecture demonstration on the chemistry of climate change given by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison.

The students will be following up on aspects of the day and will be making presentations at Badminton school in the new year.

Postgraduate SEAs who assisted during the day were Kate Hanford, Caroline Grainger, Phyllis Fiadzomor and Samantha Riches.

21-26 October: Schools Lectures, Malta

Photo at one of the schools in MaltaBristol ChemLabS representatives Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison spent a week working with Chris Schembri, and Simon Cassar of the Maltese 'Science on Stage' Committee in Malta and Doreen Mizzi, lead Chemistry Teacher. The hectic schedule comprised several school visits where lecture demonstrations on atmospheric pollution were performed for students, student teachers and accompanying teachers. Additionally an evening teacher training session on climate change was conducted.

Altogether over 1100 students and 100 teachers from 19 of the 22 church secondary schools together with teachers from the state schools attended lectures on climate chemistry during 5 busy days on the Mediterranean Island. This constituted more than half the country’s Chemistry students! Meetings were also held with other scientists working in companies on the island.

Already plans are underway for Bristol ChemLabS to make a return visit to give lectures for Maltese state schools, for the schools on the island of Gozo, for teacher CPD in practical chemistry and for sessions at the university within the Education Department for BEd students.


Full report

Article in Times of Malta


16 October: 'A Pollutant's Tale', Strode College

15 October: Westfield Community School, Somerset

Photo of Alison Rivett and Westfield pupils

Alison Rivett and postgraduate SEAs Anwar Khan & Yvonne O'Connell ran Polymers Workshops throughout the day at this science college in Yeovil. This was part of Westfield School's "Raise The Game" Science & Technology Day, aiming to raise aspirations and interest amongst Year 9 pupils.

Ninety Year 9 pupils from Westfield and nearby Preston & Bucklers Mead schools took part in the workshops, where they found out about polymers in a short demonstration, made 2 different kinds of slime, experimented with a thermoplastic, performed the nylon rope trick and saw how artificial silk (rayon) is made.

Brian Duke, one of the organisers from the AimHigher LIFE Partnership said "I'm very pleased, as are the school, with what I thought was a very good activity day. The experiments with 'slime' I know were very popular. Thanks to the Bristol ChemLabS team for helping to make the day such a success!"

15 October: 'A Pollutant's Tale', Newent School, Gloucestershire

Bristol ChemLabS took part in the launch of the school's new Eco-lab celebrations. Tim Harrison gave lecture demonstrations to both the Y11 and the Y10 students during the school day. Around 400 students viewed the presentation. In the evening 'A Pollutant's Tale' was given to an audience of parents, governors and local teachers before the official opening of the laboratory.

12 October: Canford Chemistry Conference, Dorset

08 October: Children's Hospital, Bristol

01 October: A Pollutant's Tale - Kingswood School, Bath

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