* Post 16 Chemistry Week Conference 9th November 2005 School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

Due to the high demand for places, the chemist, writer and broadcaster Dr John Emsley (Cambridge) and forensic and analytical chemistry lecturer Dr Carolyn Morton (UWE) gave excellent back to back lectures in LT1 and LT2. John gave his talk on "Vanity, Vitality, and Virility" and Carolyn on some of the chemistry involved in Forensic Science. Each lecture theatre audience also had a demo lecture. Dr Chris Wormald (Bristol) used his vast repertoire to relate energy and chemistry and Tim Harrison (Bristol) gave a demonstration lecture on the chemistry of the atmosphere.

The attending students came from both state and private schools and colleges from Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset. The provision of several hundred doughnuts provided by the School of Chemistry, along with tea coffee and soft drinks were soon depleted during the interval.


'We have just attended the lectures this afternoon [..]. We had 23 pupils with us in the end and I can honestly tell you that the words they used to describe their experience this afternoon included, "fantastic", " wicked ", and "excellent". It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I am sure that we will attend this lecture every year for as long as it can be scheduled.

Rachel Hopwood and 23 very happy sixth form students (The Castle School)

Many thanks go to Royal Society of Chemistry and ESPRC Portfolio Partnership LASER for sponsoring this event.