* Post 16 Chemistry Week Conference 16 November 2005 School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

Report on Post 16 Chemistry Conferences 16th November 2005

The speakers for this event were Professor Julian Eastoe (Bristol), Dr Andrea Jackson (Leeds) and Dr John Kilcoyne (Sunderland). Professor Eastoe gave part of his Royal institution talk on aspects of the chemistry of mobile phones. The presentation also involved audience participation.
Dr Jackson gave a talk about atmospheric chemistry and pollution. Earlier in the year she had addressed a joint meeting of both Houses of Parliament on the subject of global warming.
The conference was rounded off with Dr Kilcoyne’s now infamous demonstration lecture. As well as involving a range of chemical reactions, the lecture featured the wonders of liquid nitrogen and dry humour. Chemistry is Fun!

The lecture was all the more impressive as Dr Kilcoyne and his assistant, Jeff Teesdale, drove down from Sunderland at 5am that morning.

The audience for this event comprised students in Y11-13, from a wide area within the south west, and they very much appreciated the three hundred doughnuts provided by the School of Chemistry during the interval.

This was the second of two conference events for Chemistry Week 2005. This event was created as a result of the demand in places for the larger conference held on the 9th of November.

Many thanks go to the Royal Society of Chemistry, EPSRC portfolio partnership LASER and Barry Warburton from EEF South West for sponsoring this event.

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