22-26 October: Malta

Photo at one of the schools in Malta Bristol ChemLabS representatives Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison spent a week working with Chris Schembri, and Simon Cassar of the Maltese 'Science on Stage' Committee in Malta and Doreen Mizzi, lead Chemistry Teacher. The hectic schedule comprised several school visits where lecture demonstrations on atmospheric pollution were performed for students, student teachers and accompanying teachers. Additionally an evening teacher training session on climate change was conducted.

Photo at one of the schools in Malta

22 October: St Dorothy’s School, Zebbug

The school hosted just over 200 15-16 year old chemistry students from St Dorothy’s School, St Elias College, St Michael’s School, Archbishop Seminary, St Joseph Blata School and St Monica B’Kara School for the 75 minute lecture ‘A Pollutant’s Tale’.

23 October St Dorothy’s School, Zebbug

One hundred 11 -12 year old girls from the host school enjoyed a talk on aspects of climate chemistry.

23 October St Albert’s School, Valletta

One hundred 11 -12 year old boys from the school in the city enjoyed the talk and demonstrations on aspects of climate chemistry.

24 October St Aloysius

Two climate change lecture demonstrations were given. The first was for 360 13 -15 year olds and the second for 120 16-18 year old Chemists and other senior science students.

24 October St Albert’s School

A two hour session on climate change and atmospheric chemistry was given to 30 Science and Geography teachers. The session was a condensed version of the one day RCUK course on climate change given at Science Learning Centres in England.

CHeMneT members should be aware that such a course is offered annually, free of charge at the School of Chemistry by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison.

25 October Stella Maris College, Gzira

A lecture on climate chemistry was put on for 63 14-16 year olds and students at this school. Six subject coordinators from the island joined them.

The school then played host to 65 16 year old student chemists from St Francis and Sacred Heart Schools, who joined the school's own 60 Year 5 students. A group of 12 BEd student science teachers and their university tutor joined the group.

26 October De La Salle College, Cottoner

The first of two lecture demonstrations was given to 125 13-14 year olds, followed by a more technically-based lecture to 140 14-18 year olds students at the same college.

Altogether over 1100 students and 100 teachers from 19 of the 22 church secondary schools together with teachers from the state schools attended lectures on climate chemistry during 5 busy days on the Mediterranean Island. This constituted more than half the country’s Chemistry students! Meetings were also held with other scientists working in companies on the island.

Already plans are underway for Bristol ChemLabS to make a return visit to give lectures for Maltese state schools, for the schools on the island of Gozo, for teacher CPD in practical chemistry and for sessions at the university within the Education Department for BEd students.


Article in Times of Malta


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