* Science Week Schools’ Conference 15 March 2006

Heston BlumenthalAn audience of school students, augmented by students and staff from the School of Chemistry were treated to a delightful afternoon of inspiring applications of chemistry.

Zoë Schnepp (Bristol) gave her first schools’ conference lecture on work that had been undertaken on creating bones using spider silk as the scaffold for tissue engineering.

Celebrated chef and co-author of ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ Heston Blumenthal FRSC OBE of the Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, teamed up with Dr Peter Barham of the Department of Physics to give a two hour audience participation lecture on food chemistry and sensory perception. The Fat Duck was recently voted the best restaurant in the world.

Dr Barham

Just before the break, Dr Barham prepared a couple of vats of ice cream using liquid nitrogen for the audience, as a prelude to their coffee and doughnuts.

The whole audience also took part in an experiment relating the taste of beetroot derived sweets at different pHs and in recognising the smell of almonds!

This year’s Science Week schools’ conference was co-sponsored by the Royal Institution.

Many thanks go to Royal Society of Chemistry and ESPRC Portfolio Partnership LASER for sponsoring this event.

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