10–14 December 2007: Chemistry Workshops at the National University of Singapore

Photos from Singapore workshopsA team from Bristol ChemLabS joined with the Department of Chemistry of the National University of Singapore (NUS) to provide several chemistry workshops for 13 -17-year-olds. This was the first of what is hoped to be a regular event.

The outreach team of Tim Harrison and 3 Chemistry SEAs, Phyllis Fiadzomor, Linda Sellou and Marcus Medley worked closely with Assistant Professor Chuah Gaik-Khuan and Professor Hardy Chan and postgraduates and technicians from NUS. The sessions aimed to provide aspiration-raising laboratory-based workshops for around 150 Singaporean students. The students who attended came from a very wide range of the country’s schools and some were educated at home.

Bristol ChemLabS School Teacher Fellow Tim Harrison, said "The local students are just as keen to work alongside practicing chemists in a university laboratory setting as their UK counterparts. It was also a pleasure working closely with the academics and postgraduate students from NUS."

All 3 workshops are designed to give young people the experience of seeing what it is like to be a chemistry student at a university. The blend of practical work and lectures that were put on were modelled on the successful package used by Bristol’s School of Chemistry for its own outreach.

Professor Chuah Gaik-Khuan  reported ‘Feedback from students has been very positive with many students requesting even longer workshops in following years’.

Bristol Postgraduate Marcus Medley comments “It has been a fantastic experience working in partnership with NUS to deliver a workshop that not only excites and enthuses but challenges young people's attitudes towards studying chemistry and climate change.”
A comment from a home-tutored student sums up one of the 2-day workshops "It’s really a great experience. It shows people that chemistry is more than dull textbooks and lots of mistakes and red marks - but that it can be really fun and interesting too! There’s a whole world of new stuff in there….".

Other Student Comments:Photo from Singapore workshop

“Two days is not enough. We would like [the joint outreach teams] to come to schools of ours and conduct a workshop too….”–A. Eniya Thenral

“This was really awesome, I learnt a lot and I also used equipment I’d never seen or heard of before! It was very cool.” - Ruby Saha

“Brilliant job! They have opened a new chapter in experimental chemistry to me!”–Chong ShiYun

“So much to learn, so much to experience, so much to enjoy!”–Tang Xin Kai

“It’s really interesting, great experience and gives us an insight to the more practical and amazing aspects/experiences of chemistry. Great workshop.”–Rachita Jain

“The demonstrators did a fantastic job. They took time to explain what I was unsure of. I have learnt a great deal from the workshop and enjoyed it. Thanks!”–Vanessa Lim


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