Chem@rt Competitions

How does a Chem@rt competition work?

First you will need to obtain the log-in details for the Chem@rt gallery by emailing

Ideas for using ChemArt...

You are welcome to make use of the ChemArt galleries and images in your school in any way you wish*. The aim of ChemArt is to stimulate creativity and fire pupils' imagination by combining cutting-edge science and art. Below are some ideas for using ChemArt, but if you come up with any other ways of using them, please tell us by emailing

Inspiration for story & poetry-writing

Display the images in your classroom or school and invite pupils to write a story or poem inspired by one of the images.
You could make it a competition and ask the headteacher or school governers to judge the entries. You can download certificates from the website to give participants and winners, click here.

Stimulating science investigations & research

Use the images as a starting point for science investigations or research/homework projects. The images can also illustrate the real-life applications of science concepts your pupils are learning about.

Have your own Science Photo Exhibition

Invite pupils to take their own photos inspired by science and display them in your school. Involve the whole community by opening it up to families too.

ChemArt Art & Craft

Use ChemArt as a basis for craft activities, recreate the images using painting, modelling, drawing, stencilling, textiles, collages, mobile, sewing, suncatchers, knitting etc etc...

Guess the Mystery Object

Make a display of the images and ask children to guess what they are. (You may want to give some hints, or give the names of the things for them to match the images to.)
You could write the name on the back of the image so it can be turned over to see if the guess was correct.

Finding Answers & Solving Challenges

All the images are taken from real research being carried out by scientists now to find out new things, solve problems and make our world a better place. What big questions would your students most like to find the answer to; what challenges are there in the world around us today which they would like to solve; and what new questions might the future bring?

What are the deadlines?

There are no deadline but new galleries are uploaded once a year. Schools in our Primary Network will be notified of new galleries being made available. If you would like to join the network please contact

*Subject to copyright.
You can exhibit the images and/or run the Chem@rt competition in your school only. Please do not pass these images on to anyone else ? any interested parties must register with us before accessing the images.

All copyright © remains with the image author and Bristol ChemLabS and we must be fully acknowledged in any use you make of the work. You may not copy, modify, distribute or sell these images.

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