* Loan Boxes

Bristol ChemLabS, with funding from the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust (now the Primary Science Teaching Trust PSTT) has worked with primary school teachers in Bristol to develop a number of ‘Loan Boxes’.

Information about the project can be found here and here.

Each Box contains a variety of experiments on a different topic to support hands-on learning in primary science.

The activities are designed to enthuse pupils about science and allow them to experience the excitement and stimulation of handling apparatus and chemicals whilst problem solving.

The boxes contain scientific equipment and chemicals not often available in primary schools.  Each contains a manual with comprehensive instructions and tips for using the kit in class.

They enable teachers to carry out practical work which might otherwise be impossible, due to lack of resources or confidence in setting up equipment. 

The experiments and investigations are mostly suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils, with some appropriate for younger year groups.  They link to the curriculum and are a mixture of small group and whole class activities.

Loan Box Topics

Borrowing a Box

*** Although all experiments have been thoroughly Health & Safety checked, it is the responsibility of each school to carry out a full risk assessment prior to using the kit with pupils ***

Check availability of each box on this Google Calendar:

For all enquiries & bookings, email chem-net@bristol.ac.uk stating your name & school, the box(es) you are interested in using and any preferred dates.

Note * Additional charge of £25 with the Gases & Balloons Box for Helium Canister