Primary Science Visits

The School of Chemistry, University of Bristol supports primary science teachers in the region by of activities including practical science workshops and science demonstration assemblies.

Primary Science Visits are generally limited to schools within 1 hour's travel from Bristol. The pink circle on this map shows an approximation of the area covered (please note this may not show in all browsers), but does not guarantee that we can visit your school. Schools outside this region are welcome to contact us to discuss possible alternatives.

A qualified and experienced member of Bristol ChemLabS is accompanied by postgraduate research chemists for the visit, all of whom have been DBS-checked and trained under the STEM Ambassadors Programme.

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Comments received from a local primary school

Robinswood pupils and one of the SEAs

Nailsworth pupils

Oldbury pupils

demonstration materials

Westbury Park pupils

members of the Outreach team


We have just had someone from the Chemistry Department at the University of Bristol  - Mr Harrison… He (also) did some experiments with carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen, eggs, flowers, gloves, rubber tubing etc. which have converted the whole of KS2  - 240 children in half an hour! - including all of the "uncool to learn" crew. We are now changing our curriculum to include more of such activities! Schools need lots more of the same. It was wonderful to see the children so motivated.

Writing to the School of Chemistry they say:

This is really an innovative approach to encouraging children to relate to the science curriculum. Congratulations to the University of Bristol for taking this courageous step. It will have enormous benefits for our children. Bristol LA is working hard to develop an enthralling curriculum to actively engage children with their learning, having identified passivity as a huge problem in Bristol schools. (School Name) Staff are working with QCA to drive the new developments. We have an Advanced Skills Teacher who will be working to compile a directory of resources in Bristol for schools to use to develop their curriculum. I will be recommending that this initiative is high on the agenda.

A Year 6 pupil's comment:

I never knew Science was such fun. I used to think Science was boring but when you came and brought ChemLab to our school I've been wanting to learn more Science.

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Science Workshops

These hands on science sessions are for pupils in years 5 & 6.

They consist of a circus of 3 different practicals each lasting 30 to 40 minutes each for a class of up to 32 pupils at a time. The practicals reinforce measurement skills, fair testing, investigation and cooperation. Safety glasses, disposable gloves and lab coats are provided for pupils and all adults in the room. All the relevant equipment and chemicals are brought to the school.

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Demonstration Assemblies

These are for the whole school, lasting 30 to 40 minutes. At the same time as coming into schools to provide science workshops we would give an assembly on the gases in the atmosphere.

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A charge will be made towards the actual costs of these events, which are heavily subsidised by Bristol ChemLabS. Click here for a list of sources of funding for school science activities (110kb PDF) you may be eligible for.

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