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28 November: Shirehampton Primary School, Bristol

Around 330 pupils in Y2-6 enjoyed a half an hour science demonstration assembly looking at materials that were very cold and others that could explode!

Two classes of Y6 students spent several hours with postgraduate Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Li Yang and Emma Yates, aided by Hugh James, from the School of Chemistry. The 60 pupils each carried out three 30 minute experiments carrying out experiments to improve their measuring, investigation and cooperation skills and to have some fun at the same time.

22 November: Henleaze Junior School, Bristol

Postgraduate Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Li Yang, Stewart Holmstrom and Linda Sellou spent the day working with three groups of Y5 students at this primary schools local to the University of Bristol. The junior scientists at the school worked with the postgraduate chemists to investigate slime, chemical clocks and magnesium's reaction with acid.

During the morning a whole school assembly on the gases in the atmosphere was provided by Tim Harrison

21 November 2006: Primary Science Day at Robinswood Primary School, Gloucester

Tim Harrison at Robonswood

16 November: Staunton and Corse Church of England Primary School Visit

Staunton and Corse students enjoying the workshop

Bristol ChemLabS were invited to the Gloucestershire school to put on a science day for members of Y5 and 6. As is now usual the whole school enjoyed a talk on the gases of the atmosphere which was punctuated by several chemistry demonstrations. Four workshops sessions were held. In three of these the pupils' classroom was turned into a lab, and work on chemical clocks, different types of slime and the effect that dilution has on chemical reactions were investigated. The last session saw the first outing, on the same day as the public release of the latest James Bond film, of Chem@rt007! The pupils used images taken during research in the school of Chemistry during 2006 to act as stimulus material for creative writing and poetry.

Postgraduate Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Marcus Medley and Judith Brown were thanked for their participation in this day.

11 November: ASE West of England Region Meeting

03 November: Westbury Park Primary School Bristol

Tim Harrison Anwar Kahn and pupils

ChemLabS spent the day working with 60 pupils from Y6 in sessions reinforcing measuring, investigatory and team work skills. Pupils investigated how acid concentrations affected the time of a reaction, cross-linking in polymers and how to make a chemical clock. This was followed by an assembly for the whole school that involved freezing bananas, making foaming liquids and a few explosions. Tim Harrison was aided by Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Anwar Kahn and Jess Tsiopani.

27 October: Chem@rt006 - The Winners' Celebration

Children enjoying their day at Explore@Bristol

The 16 images that comprised the inaugural Chem@rt competition attracted over 1000 poems and stories from primary schools across the region. For each school the overall best entries were selected by the teachers and entered for the regional competition. The judging panel then had the difficult task of choosing the best piece for each image. The result was 16 winners from 10 schools, who were invited to a Winners' Day at Explore@Bristol on Friday 27 October.

The morning started with a 2-hour forensic science workshop in which the students learned about fingerprinting, analysing inks using chromatography, analysing hairs and fibres using a microscope and taking casts of fingers and footprints. They then used these skills to solve a crime.

Dr Alice Roberts handing out certificates  and prizes

After lunch the students and their families had an opportunity to look around Explore@Bristol. At 3 pm there was a presentation ceremony during which the students received their certificates and prizes (book tokens and Bristol ChemLabS sand-timers) from Dr Alice Roberts, a presenter of the BAFTA Award winning BBC series COAST.

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