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23 March: Gifted and Talented Science Day for Primary Schools in Northwest Bristol

32 Y6 gifted and talented pupils from 15 primary schools in Northwest Bristol experienced a day packed with exciting chemistry practicals devised by undergraduate chemistry students Holy Stapleton, Irene Obalim and Jane Boyes. The students, who are on the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS), are working on their final year project whilst based in Christ Church Primary School.

Badminton School not only played host to this event but also supplied some of Badminton School's Y13 Chemistry students to assist. Tim Harrison and Science and Engineering Ambassador (SEA) Postgraduate Chemists Li Yang and Linda Sellou lent a hand.

08 March: Bowerhill Primary School, Melksham

As National Science and Engineering week approaches a ChemLabS outreach team were again in action, this time in Wiltshire. The 360 pupils at Bowerhill Primary School started their day with a talk involving several practical demonstrations on the gases in the air. After the assembly pupils were presented with postcards containing Chem@rt images. For the rest of the day Y5 pupils worked with postgraduate Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Chris Houlden, Becky Sage and Caroline Grainger, who took the young chemists through experiments involving acids, polymers and chemical clocks.

05 & 06 March: Moss Hall Junior School, North London

Photo of Moss Hall pupils

An outreach team from Bristol ChemLabS paid a 2-day visit to this 380 pupil junior school in Finchley, London to work with 3 classes of Y5 junior chemists and to present work on chemistry to the whole school via an assembly. On the final afternoon of the visit Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) Marcus Medley, Linda Sellou and Judith Brown worked with 30 gifted and talented pupils from five other local primary schools in the area. This event was organised through Headteacher Neil Marlow.

The five participating schools were St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, St Andrews Church of England Primary, Northside Primary and Underhill Junior School.

Click here for the school's own report and pictures.

01 March: Science Week at Luckwell Primary School, Bristol

Bristol ChemLabS led two practical chemistry sessions for pupils in Y5 and 6 as part of this Bedminster school’s Science Week activities. The day started off with a full school assembly on ‘Gases in the Air’ for all 200 pupils and their teaching staff. The Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) that assisted in the day were Anwar Kahn, Jenny Strange and Samantha Riches.

Luckwell Pupils enjoying explosions Click here to for the school’s report on and more pictures of the day.
Photos courtesy of Luckwell Primary


11 January: Primary Science Day Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

Pupils from Winchcombe Abbey Church of England Primary School were invited to their local secondary school for a day of science activities. Mrs Lynn Banks' class' pupils started their link day with a joint Y6 and 7 assembly on 'Some of the Chemistry of the Atmosphere', a demonstration talk given by Tim Harrison.

Winchcombe School, a specialist science college, gave over one of its science labs for the Y6 pupils to spend the rest of the day engaged in science practicals. Each circus of experiments was led by a postgraduate Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) . Li Yang, Linda Selou and Alex Griffin were warmly thanked by their young potential chemists.

Article in the Gloucestershire Echo

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