Primary Schools Outreach Events Autumn 2008

An illustration from one of the competition entries.

There was a huge buzz in the air, and it was fascinating to see every single pupil so absorbed in working collaboratively in brand new activities, and able to talk coherently about what they were learning!

Keith Johnson, Headteacher, Luckwell Primary School

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photo of primary school science colour ink kit



02 December: Primary Science Workshops, Bishop's Road Primary, Bristol

Alison Rivett, Steve Henshaw and SEAs Linda Sellou & Gavin Leithall spent the day at this large Bristol primary school delivering 3 workshops for a total of 78 Y6 pupils. The students enjoyed being scientists for the day, finding out all about chemical reactions and making some sticky slime!


24 November: Primary Chemistry Winter School, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Bristol ChemLabS held a Chemistry day school for pupils aged 9 to 11 years in conjunction with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Eighteen schools were represented, as well as a number of home schooled students amongst the 60 course attendees.

Tim Harrison was assisted by Linda Sellou and Bristol SEAs Marcus Medley and Kate Hanford, as well as a number of NUS postgrdauates.

Schools represented were: Bukit Panjang Primary School, Bukit Timah Primary School, Global Indian International School, Henry Park Primary School, Kong Hwa School, Methodist Girls' School, Nan Hua Primary School, Nanyang Primary School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School, Pei Hwa Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Raffles Girls Primary School, Red Swastika Primary School, Sembawang Primary School, St Anthony Primary School, St Margaret Primary School, St Nicholas Primary School and Yishun Primary School.

19 November: Workshop and Public Lecture on Chemistry Outreach, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia

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17 November: Meeting with Heads of Science, Brunei State Schools, Brunei Darussalam

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29 October: Chem@rt Winners' Day at Explore

photo of Caitlin and Rosie, two of the participantsThe 2008 Chem@rt Competition culminated in a Regional Winners’ Day at Explore-at-Bristol. The pupils from each participating school who won the top three places for their poems or stories as judged by their teachers were invited to the celebration.

photo of Aaron, one of the  participantsThe day started with a 2-hour forensic science workshop called “Solve It!” in which the 8 students (and some of their relatives) learned about fingerprinting, analysing inks using chromatography, differentiating hairs and fibres using a microscope and taking casts of fingers and footprints. They then used these skills to solve a crime!
After lunch, the students and their families had an opportunity to look around Explore-at-Bristol, including shows in the Planetarium, before reconvening at 3pm for the Regional Winners presentation.

The University Judging panel had had the difficult task of choosing the best pieces between all the great entries, and there were a few surprises as judging art is not an exact science! The winners left with certificates, book tokens and a photographic print of the image that had inspired their piece, presented to them by Alison Rivett.

The primary schools represented at Explore were Manorbrook, Wansdyke and Whitchurch.

Chem@rt is sponsored by the Bristol Alumni Foundation.

23 October: George Jacques Primary School, Alicedale, South Africa

Alicedale is a rural state school in a small village in the Eastern Cape. Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur took the lecture-demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' to this small village school to work with 28 Grade 7 students and their teacher.

They then gave the students the opportunity to carry out a circus of practical investigations in the students' own classroom, assisted by Rhodes University postgraduate Chemists Dubs, Vongani and Matshawe. Some translation was needed as the school is mainly Afrikaans-speaking; this was provided by Rhodes Chemistry lecturer Joyce Sewry.

'Our school would like to thank you and your team for the very interesting programme that our learners (grade 7) enjoyed on 23rd October.
I think the friendly approach and perhaps good knowledge of both subject and teenagers, of the doctors (Dr's Preeti and Linda) were very effective and contributed to the success of the programme. We would definitely appreciate a repeat of the exercise in future.'

Tina Louw, George Jacques Primary School

24 October: Saint Mary's Primary School, Grahamstown, South Africa

Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur presented their last performance of the lecture-demonstration of 'A Pollutant's Tale' of their South African tour to Grade 7 students at Rhodes University.

Helped by Rhodes postgraduate Chemist Matshawe, the 35 young students then spent time in the undergraduate teaching laboratories performing a circus of experiments.

21 October: Chem@rt Presentation, Victoria Primary School, Grahamstown, South Africa

thumbnail of Chemart imageLinda Sellou and Preeti Kaur joined Rhodes University Chemistry lecturer Joyce Sewry in presenting certificates for the winners of the Chem@rt competition.

Chem@rt is a gallery of images produced during research at the University of Bristol's School of Chemistry. The images are used as stimulus material for school children to produce poetry and prose.

The winners were Danielle Peterson, Gemma-Mae Hartley and Aphiwe Ngalo.

21 October: Grahamstown Primary School, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur performed 'A Pollutant's Tale' again, this time to 30 senior pupils from this township school in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory at Rhodes University.

Working with lecturer Joyce Sewry from Rhodes, Linda and Preeti ran a circus of practicals in the laboratories that was enjoyed by all.

20 October: Blue Coat Primary, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucs

photo of Bluecoat pupils

Alison Rivett and SEA chemist Steve Henshaw got this Gloucesteshire school's Science Week started with a bang, presenting an assembly on 'Gases in the Air' to 200 Junior pupils before running 2 workshop sessions for 90 Y5 & 6 pupils on the chemistry of slime and polymers.   The teacher, Mr Larner, said afterwards: "Thanks for a fantastic show and great workshops. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and it really got the week off to a great start." After the assembly one of the students wrote: "Dear ChemLabS, you have relly (sic) changed my mind about science - I love it now!"

20 October: George Dickerson School, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Linda Sellou and Preeti Kaur led today's primary outreach at the Chemistry Department at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

The Bristol chemists performed 'A Pollutant's Tale' to 100 pupils from the township. The large group were then split into two groups to work on investigations to determine acid concentration using magnesium metal and acid.

Preeti commented: 'The students were very responsive to the practical work that they undertook in the teaching laboratories at the University'.

02 October: Ecole Primaire Auguste-Delaune, Bobigny, France

Photo of Parisian students in a workshop with Bristol Chemists

Linda Sellou presented an assembly to 60 French primary students on ‘les gaz de l’atmosphère'. Bristol postgraduate Adele Laurain, Tim Harrison, Dudley Shallcross and Linda's sister and Chemistry student Anissa Sellou assisted Linda with running a circus of experiments for the students including making slime, an investigation of an iodine clock and investigating acid concentrations.

This project was co-sponsored by the British Council.

Coverage of the French visit in the French newspaper 'Le Parisien'

Coverage of the French visit in the French newspaper 'Le Parisien' local edition

Coverage of the French visit in the weekly "Bonjour Bobigny" (1,5MB PDF – p.8&9)

The visit was also reported by the TV channel France 3 in its regional news on 08 October.

Full report on the French visit

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