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25 April: Whitchurch Primary School, Whitchurch

Photo of Alison Rivett in actionThe 110 Key Stage 2 children at this South Bristol school gave Bristol ChemLabS a great reception and enjoyed an exciting chemistry assembly given by Alison Rivett.  Sixty keen and bright Y5 & 6 pupils then took part in chemistry workshops led by postgraduate SEAs Linda Sellou, Sam Riches & Katie Shaw. The pupils filmed the assembly and their video and photos will soon be available online.

22 April: Sefton Park Junior School, Bristol

The Bristol ChemLabS team visited this local junior school where Alison Rivett delivered an assembly on the theme of 'Gases in the Air' to around 240 surprised & excited KS2 pupils.  Experienced postgraduate SEAs Steve Henshaw, Ben Cheesman & Sam Riches then led two hands-on workshops for the 86 Y5 students. Dr Simon O'Docherty (from Atmospheric Chemistry Group, Bristol) was also there to take part in the morning's activities.

31 March-04 April: Jersey Science Week

thumbnails of photos taken during Jersey Science Week


Click here for a report on the Jersey Science Week in the University's News section

Click here to watch a clip from ITV Channel News about the Science Week

"All in all, it was a very busy, but thoroughly enjoyable week, in which the primary team engaged about 1200 pupils from 10 different schools and generated a massive amount of interest and passion for science amongst the children and adults across the island."

04 April: Mont Nicolle School & Les Landes School, Jersey

The whole school (175 pupils) was joined by Sophie Le Sueur & Andy Gibbs from the Jersey Education Department for Alison's assembly about the different gases in the air. The 50 Y5 & 6 pupils then went on to enjoy chemistry workshops and in the afternoon the 50 Y5 & 6 pupils from Les Landes School did the same.

03 April: Grouville School, Samares School & St Clement School, Jersey

SEA Steve Henshaw received an enthusiastic response to his assembly about the chemistry of the atmosphere from an audience of 350 primary pupils at Grouville School.

Fifty two Y5s then took part in science workshops for the rest for the morning and the Y6 classes from Samares & St Clement Schools then came along in the afternoon to do the same.

02 April: St John's School & Trinity School, Jersey

The whole school (160 pupils) were fascinated by frozen eggs and foam 'monsters' in morning assembly, given by Alison Rivett, all about the different gases in the air. For the rest of the morning the 50 Y5 & 6 pupils worked hard at 3 experiments in the science workshop, followed by 40 Y5 & 6 pupils from nearby Trinity School in the afternoon.

01 April: d'Auvergne School, Mont a l'Abbe Special School & St Luke's Primary, Jersey

120 Y1, 3, 5 & 6 pupils from D'Auvergne gave Alison Rivett 's chemistry demonstrations in assembly a lively reception. 40 Y6s from and 10 pupils from nearby Mont a l'Abbe Special School then all worked eagerly together during a morning of science experiments, and in the afternoon 26 Y5 pupils from nearby St Luke's Primary came along to take part in the science workshops.

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31 March: Jersey College for Girls Preparatory School, St Helier, Jersey

200 KS2 pupils enjoyed a demonstration assembly given by Alison Rivett, which was followed by chemistry workshops for the Y6 & Y5 students.

28 March: Bristol University@Crypt Day, Gloucester

As part of the Crypt Schools science day involving Bristol University, 120 pupils from Heron, Hempsted and Barnwood primary schools visited the Gloucester science college to attend a presentation on gases in the air given by Tim Harrison.

18 March: Primary Science Day, Stroud High School

As part of their Science Week celebrations, specialist science college Stroud High provided 2 chemistry workshops together with Bristol ChemLabS for over 100 pupils from their primary feeder schools.

After experiencing an explosive demonstration talk from c on 'Gases in the Air', Y4 & 5 pupils from Rosary Catholic Primary School and Randwick CE Primary School along with Y6 pupils from St Matthew's Primary School took part in chemistry experiments with postgraduate SEAs Steve Henshaw, Ben Cheesman & Rob Scott, led by Alison Rivett.

14 March: 2nd Annual Gifted & Talented Chemistry Workshop, Badminton School, Bristol

Tim Harrison, 3 SEAs and 3 Undergraduate Ambassadors gave 30 G&T pupils from 10 primary schools in Nortwest Bristol a full day of 2 circuses of experiments and 2 talks.

11, 13 & 14 March: High Down Junior School, Portishead

A very busy 3 days of activities during National Science and Engineering Week saw a total of 660 pupil engagements at the large 360-pupil junior school.

The visit started with a whole school assembly given by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison on 'Gases in the Air'. Then Dudley and spent the remainder of the day with 90 Y3 and 50 Y5 pupils in groups on the topic 'Why does Jelly Wobble'?

The Thursday session saw Dudley and Karen, joined by SEA postgraduate chemist Aoife Grant, undertake several sessions of a practical circus of experiments with 90 Y5 pupils.

This was followed by a second day of workshops for 90 Y6 pupils on the Friday. This time Dudley and were aided by postgraduate chemistry SEA Richard Lonsdale.

07 March: St Andrew's CofE Primary School, North London

SEA postgraduates Heather Rowlands, Chris Houlden and Katie Shaw joined Tim Harrison again in a second day of activity at the 220 pupil primary in Totteridge. The pupils from reception classes to Y6, enjoyed an assembly on the gases in the air and also saw the amount of energy that can be liberated from a jelly baby! Two chemistry workshops for pupils in Y5 & 6 completed the school's science week.

"I am writing on behalf of all of us at St Andrew's to thank you most sincerely for the most exciting display of Science we have seen in a long while. All of the children have said how much they enjoyed the assembly, even the little ones, and I'm sure you have certainly inspired many of them. I know that for my own Year 6, you opened a window into what they could aim for in the future and they were so excited to be taught by university people. [...] Your outreach project is valuable beyond measure and we greatly appreciate your time and support, and that of your team." Janice Hillary

06 March: Moss Hall Junior School, North London

Bristol ChemLabS were delighted to make a repeat visit to this large Finchley school. First, all 400 pupils in Y3-6 were treated to a 45-minute demonstration assembly entitled 'Energy and Chemistry?'. A short talk on polymer (plastics) chemistry for Y6 followed, building on the previous year's work. SEA postgraduates Heather Rowlands, Chris Houlden and Katie Shaw then joined Tim Harrison and spent the majority of the day working with 3 classes of Y5 students in a circus of practical activities. The 90+ 10 year olds had opportunity to improve their measuring, investigatory and team work skills.

04 March: Robin Hood Primary School, Birmingham

A Bristol ChemLabS team led by Alison Rivett received a warm welcome at this multi-cultural Birmingham school. As part of the school's inaugural Science Week, junior school pupils enjoyed the chemistry demonstrations in assembly and Y6 got the chance to work with postgraduate chemist SEAs Jane Fletcher, Junwei Wang and Steve Henshaw on a series of chemistry experiments. The whole day was filmed by pupils and recorded in their blog:

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26 February: QEH Junior School

Alison Rivett visited this independent boys' school in Bristol to give an exciting chemistry lecture demonstration to its junior pupils. In the grand setting of the senior dining hall, the 80 boys enjoyed some bangs, flashes and smashes (of frozen bananas!). The demonstrations were enthusiastically received and followed by a chance for these budding scientists to have their burning science questions answered.

15 February: Brinkworth Earl Danby School, Wiltshire

The 85 Key Stage 2 pupils at this junior school enjoyed an exciting assembly about Gases In The Air given by Alison Rivett. This jam-packed chemistry demonstration, complete with bangs, smells and science Questions & Answers at the end rounded off the school's Science Investigation Week.

The school's Science Co-ordinator said "I wanted to let you know that the children were thrilled with the session - just what they had dreamed Science Week should be!!!! Exactly what I had hoped for! My colleagues also couldn't wait to tell me all about it! I am delighted at everyone's enthusiasm."

14 February: The Croft Primary School, Painswick, Gloucestershire

Photo from the Croft visit

Bristol ChemLabS visited this village school for a whole day of chemistry activities. Alison Rivett gave an interactive science assembly for all of the 140 pupils. Alison and postgraduate SEAs Linda Sellou, Steve Henshaw & Caroline Grainger then worked with 70 enthusiastic Year 4, 5 & 6 pupils in two hands-on chemistry workshops. The Headteacher, Janet Hoyle said afterwards "Thank you for such a fabulous day yesterday... I have heard nothing but positive comments from both staff and children."

A party of Turkish educators researching the use of mobile experiments in primary science lessons were also present to observe the assembly and workshops.

More on the University's News Page

13 February: 'Fizz, Foam and Flubber', Primary Lecture for North Bristol Schools

Photo of Lorelly Wilson's lecture at Bristol

Lorelly Wilson of the University of Manchester presented the lecture for 94 gifted and talented Y5 & 6 pupils together with many parents and several primary teachers.

The demonstration lecture was an hour of fascinating and safe chemistry experiments using common household products. Details of the experiments shown can be found on Lorelly Wilson's website.

Bristol ChemLabS wishes to thank Jenny Brookes of Bristol's Children & Young People's Services for her help in the organisation of this event. Further lecture demonstrations for primary pupils will be hosted by the School of Chemistry termly.

12 February: Cam Woodfield Junior School, Gloucestershire

Bristol ChemLabS together with a team from AIMS and the Mobile Teaching Unit were at this Dursley-based school contributing to the pupils’ Science Day.

The programme involved a whole school assembly for 225 pupils and chemistry workshop for pupils in three classes of Y5 & 6 based within the school buildings and a series of anatomy/physiology sessions for students from Y4-6 in the Mobile Teaching Unit.

Lauren Hughes from the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology worked with Pete Dickens to enthuse the young scientists in the biological sciences whilst Tim Harrison and Postgraduate SEAs Marcus Medley, Linda Sellou and Bozena Lukasiak engaged the pupils in chemical activities.

During the visit the primary school also played host to a party of  Turkish Educators who were researching the use of mobile experiments in primary science lessons.

More on the University's News Page

05 February: St Bernadette's Primary School, Bristol

As a prelude to their 'Science Week', the whole of this Catholic primary school enjoyed an exciting and explosive assembly about gases in the air, given by Alison Rivett. Sixty Y5 & 6 pupils then took part in two workshops where they discovered more about chemical reactions, polymers and materials, led by postgraduate SEAs Martha Tomlinson, Katie Shaw, Sarah Newberry. See also the report in the school's newsletter.


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10 January: Gifted and Talented Primary Science Day, Gloucestershire

40 Y6 students from primary schools in the north of Gloucestershire were invited into Winchcombe School's science department for a science workshop day run in collaboration with Bristol ChemLabS. The young students, with 100 of the school’s own Y7 students, started the day with a talk on the gases in the air, complete with explosions and liquid nitrogen-frozen bananas. The primary students then spent the rest of the day in practical work alongside postgraduate chemistry SEAs Bozena Lukasiak, Jonathan Killen and Preeti Kaur. This has become an annual event.

Article on this is

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