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30 September: Practical Chemistry Workshop, Pontnewydd Primary School

A warm 'Croseo' awaited Alison Rivett, Tim Harrison, Linda Sellou and SEAs Steve Henshaw and Kate Handford on their repeat visit to this primary school in Cwmbran, Wales. There was a junior school assembly about 'Solids, Liquids & Gases', followed by two workshops for all the Y6 pupils, including 10 from the Special Needs unit within the school.

Deputy headteacher Stephen Davies said: "The children really loved it and their enthusiasm was the key ingredient for the day and made them enthusiastic about learning science in a hands-on way."

This was covered in regional press including the Dursley Gazette.

17 September: Central Church of England Junior School, West Sussex

SEAs Phyllis Fiadzomor, Heather Rowlands, Steve Henshaw and Katie Shaw took a primary school outreach day to this Chichester-based junior school and worked with around 100 students in 2 practical workshops. Steve Henshaw treated the whole school to a demonstration assembly on the 'Gases in the Air'.

Pupils were kind enough to send us a lot of feedback. One such postcard reads:

'I loved it today but I also learned something. I used to think that science was boring but it is actually fun. I especially liked doing the goo and making a ball. I am glad we worked with partners because otherwise I would have found it hard. I hope you come back before the end of the year for us to have another chance. from Taylor"

09 September: St Anne's Junior School, Bristol

A team from Bristol ChemLabS, accompanied by chemists from South Africa and Malta, visited the school to work with two groups of Y5 & 6 pupils. Alison Rivett started the day by presenting a full school assembly on the topic of 'Gases in the Air'.

photo of St Anne's pupils and South African visitors

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Photo of Ashley Down pupilsJuly

09 & 10 July: Ashley Down Junior School, Bristol

Bristol ChemLabS visited this local school over 2 days as part of their busy Science Week. On the 9th, Alison Rivett gave a demonstration assembly to the whole school, which was described by one pupils afterwards as "the best assembly EVER!". Then SEAs Zhecheng Shao, Adele Laurain & Kate Hanford helped to run hands-on workshops for 2 of the Y5 & 6 classes, and on the 10th the other Y5 & 6 pupils worked with SEAs Steve Henshaw, Rodrigo Sanchez & Jennifer Hemmings. All 4 classes enjoyed discovering more about colourful chemical reactions, gloopy slime and why hydrogen goes pop!

09 July: Balksbury Infants School, Andover, Hampshire

Postgraduate SEA Marcus Medley was invited to give a lecture demonstration and answer science questions from 90 Y1 pupils at this school. This was part of their summer term Science Programme.

08 July: Chem@rt Visit to Whitchurch Primary, South Bristol

Alison Rivett returned to Whitchurch to present prizes and certificates to the Y5 students who had partcipated in the Chem@rt competition.  Alison talked about the images and showed the class some chemistry demonstrations which were very enthusiastically received.

08 July: Chem@rt Visit to Wansdyke Primary, South Bristol

Photo of Wansdyke pupils with their certificates and Alison Rivett

The whole of KS2 welcomed Alison Rivett to talk about the Chem@rt images in a special afternoon assembly.  After everyone had learned a bit more about the pictures and seen some exciting chemistry experiments, the competition winners read out their poems and received their prizes & certificates.  All the other Y4 & 6 pupils who took part in the competition also received a certificate and postcard each.

04 July: Y5 Science & Technology Day, Cotswold School, Gloucs.

Alison Rivett visited this secondary school to provide chemistry workshops during their annual Y5 Science & Technology Day for pupils from primary feeder schools.

Thirty Y5 students from 2 local schools enjoyed finding out a bit more about colour change reactions with a few unusual demonstrations, and were challenged to make an 'iodine clock' of their own.

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27 June: St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Worcester

Photo of St Joseph pupils and SEAs

A team from Bristol ChemLabS visited this school to round off their science week. The whole school enjoyed Alison Rivett's exciting chemistry assembly. Afterwards the Y4 & 5 pupils took part in hands-on workshops led by postgraduate chemistry SEAs Sam Riches, Adele Laurain and Steve Henshaw.

25 June: Lecture Demonstration, Weston Park Primary School, Bristol

Dane Comerford presented the lecture demonstration 'A Pollutant's Tale' to pupils from this local primary school at the School of Chemistry.

Thirty-three pupils and two teachers from Weston Park Primary School visited the University of Bristol. A class from the school was runner-up in a competition to design posters for Science Alive!, a festival held in The Mall Bristol shopping centre on Friday 07 and Saturday 08 March, as the University of Bristol contribution to National Science and Engineering Week. The panel of judges for the poster competition included Barry Taylor (Director of Communications and Marketing Services), Professor Kathy Sykes (Professor of Sciences and Society) and staff from the Centre for Public Engagement. The prize consisted of book tokens and a visit to the University that included a performance of 'A Pollutant's Tale'.

"I'm amazed at how interested they were, and how much our pupils were keen to get involved. You caught us by surprise too." Teacher, Weston Park Primary School.

25 June: Enfield Science and Technology Awards Evening, London

23 June: Eltham College, London

Alison Rivett and postgraduate research chemists & SEAs Sam Riches, Jirut Wattoom & Nisha Doshi visited this independent school to work with their Y7 pupils.The class enjoyed a demonstration assembly (particularly the part in which they decamped to the car park for an explosive finale!) before getting to do some practical experiments themselves in a 2-hour workshop.

Their teacher, Dr Helen Bowes (herself a Bristol Chemistry Graduate), said afterwards: "I just wanted to thank you for the chemistry afternoon on Monday. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and are already asking when's the next one! The event was really varied and kept the students engaged throughout the day, so thank you very much to both yourself and your team for all your time and effort."

23 June: 'Why Does Jelly Wobble' Workshops, High Down Infants School, Bristol

Dudley Shallcross worked with 6 classes in the Portishead primary school, giving 180 pupils the opportunity to explore states of matter.

18 June: 'Fizz, Foam and Flubber'–Primary Science Lecture Demonstration for Bristol Primary Schools

Photo of Lorelly Wilson in action

The School of Chemistry played host to 150 gifted and talented primary pupils from across the Bristol area. Both students and accompanying parents were thoroughly entertained by Lorelly Wilson's 'Fizz, Foam and Flubber' lecture, which showed just how much chemistry you can do with everyday ingredients.

This event was a partnership between Bristol ChemLabS and Bristol Children and Young People's Services.

A list of the experiments Lorelly demonstrated can be found on her website so you can try them yourself!

17 June: Sir John Colfox School, Bridport, Dorset

Alison Rivett, Linda Sellou and postgraduate SEAs Sam Riches & Steve Henshaw visited this Dorset school as part of their annual Science Day for Y5 students from 8 different primary feeder schools in the area. The 50 students enjoyed an exciting assembly with chemistry demonstrations given by Alison and then took part in hands-on chemistry workshops, undertaking a variety of experiments.

The Head of Chemistry, Katie Harris, said afterwards: "Thank you so much for everything yesterday, it was a great day and the students really enjoyed themselves. We have already had some positive feedback from parents about how good the day was and how enthused the students were about science!".

13 June: Chem@rt Visit to Manorbrook Primary School, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire

one of the Chemart 2008 images

Alison Rivett spent an hour with the Y6 Literacy group at Manorbrook following their completion of the Chem@rt competition. She talked about the Chem@rt images and demonstrated some exciting chemistry related to the pictures. Certificates and prizes were presented to the writers of the winning stories, which were chosen by the school's Chair of Governors.

12 June: Woodlands Primary School, Gillingham, Kent

Postgraduate SEAs Steve Henshaw, Kate Hanford and Katie Shaw joined Tim Harrison to supervise 2 workshops for 60 of the school's senior pupils following on from a whole school assembly on gases in the air attended by all 280 school pupils.

03 June: Scanning Electron Microscopy with High Down Junior School, Portishead, Bristol

A group of 15 Y5 pupils from this school visited the School of Chemistry for a morning of activities. Each pupil worked with Sean Davis and John Mitchels to use scanning electron microscopy to examine plant parts. The pupils also worked with Tim Harrison, Linda Sellou, Dudley Shallcross and on a variety of activities and talks from toothpaste chemistry to measuring the sugar content of soft drinks and the connection between smell and flavour.

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22 May: Bromley Heath Junior School, Downend, Bristol

Bristol ChemLabS spent the day at this local school as part of their Science Week. A science assembly, delivered by Alison Rivett, got a fantastic response from the 250 junior pupils, who were enthralled and fascinated by the chemistry demonstrations they saw.

The Y6 students then took part in science workshops led by postgraduate SEAs Martha Tomlinson, Jemma Vickery & Tom Leonard. The two classes discovered more about chemical reactions, doing 3 different experiments and having some great science discussions with the demonstrators.

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