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23 March: Carmel Christian School, Bristol

Alison Rivett and STEM Ambassadors Julia Lister, Jim Walker and Shirin Alexander spent the afternoon at this independent Christian Centre in Bristol.  The 42 junior pupils aged between 7 and 13 were intrigued to see the Centre's 'Coffee Bean' cafe transformed into a laboratory for the session and enjoyed the variety of practical experiments they were able to do.

20 March: Science Day, Alma Primary School, Enfield, London

A Bristol ChemLabS outreach team gave a full school chemistry assembly to all 487 pupils and two, two hour workshops to 60 Year 6 pupils at the inner city school. Tim Harrison was aided by Sherin Alexander and Ben Cheesman.

19 March: Swindon Primary Science Festival, Ridgeway School

Bristol ChemLabS was invited to deliver workshops as part of a 2 day event for local primary schools run by this Specialist Science College near Swindon.  Alison Rivett and postgraduate chemists Cathy Cooper, Mindy Dulai & Joe Wrigglesworth worked with 60 KS2 pupils to explore the properties of a sticky slime and a pliable polymer.  The children came from Lawn, Covingham, Abbey Meads, Broad Hinton, Holy Family and King William Street primaries. 

Alison Rivett also trained some 6th Form students from Ridgeway to deliver the polymer workshops themselves on the second day, using equipment provided by ChemLabS.

19 March: Science Day, Hazelwood Primary School, Enfield, London

Tim Harrison gave different chemistry demonstrations for all 630 pupils from Reception to Year 6 at this north London school. Pupils in reception and Years 1 and 2  saw ‘Gases in the Air’, Years 3 and 4 had a talk that investigated smells, vapours and gases whilst the two senior years saw a performance that investigated the difference between chemical and physical changes.

17 March: Beaudesert Park Preparatory School, Minchinhampton

During National Science Week Alison Rivett gave a special assembly all about gases in the air to the prep school pupils aged between 7 & 13 at this school near Stroud.  The 300-strong audience were wowed by frozen bananas smashed to smithereens, monster foam and some big explosions!

The teacher, Jenny Butterworth said afterwards "Your assembly was absolutely brilliant, staff and pupils were talking about it all day. You made an amazing impact on the school, including our non science staff!"

You can read about the assembly in the school's newsletter here

12 March: Jersey Science Week, Grouville School, Jersey, Channel Islands

Tim Harrison gave a performance of ‘Gases in the Air’ to all 400 pupils in the school, Following this the outreach team of research chemists worked on 4 different experiments with 51 pupils from Grouvilles’ Year 6. In the afternoon 25 Year 6 pupils from Samares Primary School joined 26 Year 6 pupils from St Lukes School for the tenth hands-on science workshop of the week.

Postgraduate chemists Adele Laurain, James Kitulagoda and Kate Hanford were on hand to assist the pupils.

11 March: Primary Science Day, St Peter's School, Jersey

All 164 pupils at this Channel Island primary school were entertained by an assembly on 'Gases in the air' performed by postgraduate chemist Kate Hanford. 47 pupils in years 5 and 6 had a practical chemistry workshop. In the afternoon the school played host to 25 Year 6 pupils from Bel Royal School and 19 Year 6 from Les Landes primary school.

Kate was assisted by postgraduate chemists Adel Laurain and James Kitulagoda

10 March: Trinity School, Jersey

At this village school the 150 pupils and staff were thrilled by a science assembly presented by Alison Rivett, ably assisted by Kate Handford.  The 43 Year 5 & 6 pupils also enjoyed the 3 experiments they did for the rest of the morning, working with postgraduate STEM Ambassadors Adele Laurain, James Kitulagoda & Mindy Dulai.

In the afternoon 50 Year 6 pupils from nearby St Martin's & St John's Schools visited to take part in the hands-on science workshops too.  They were joined by ChemLabS Director Prof. Dudley Shallcross and postgaduate chemist Ben Cheesman.

The teacher from St John's said afterwards "The children got so much from the session and walked out with a much more positive attitude to science.  Needless to say, many of them cannot wait to get to Secondary school now to develop their Science Skills further."
The teacher from St Martin's said " Many thanks for a super afternoon.  I think you have inspired a new generation of scientists & chemists!"

09 March: Janvrin School, Jersey

In the morning all 250 pupils saw Alison Rivett deliver a demonstration assembly on 'Gases In The Air', followed by a practical workshop for the 42 Year 5 pupils, helped by postgraduate chemists Kate Handford, James Kitulagoda, Adele Laurain & Mindy Dulai. 

Later on, 35 students from neighbouring schools D'Auvergne and Mont L'Abbe took part in more science workshops.  During the afternoon we were visited by Jenny Mullin and Oscar the Puffin, from Channel TV's 'Puffin's Pla(i)ce' programme , who helped the students make some gloopy slime!  The Channel TV team also filmed a piece for the Evening News 'Channel Report'.

One of the Year 5 Janvrin pupils said afterwards "At first I thought it wasn't going to be fun, but I really enjoyed it.  You have taught me that science is not just about learning, its about having fun!  Thank you again, I hope I can be just like you when I am older."

08 – 16 March: Science Week (and a half), High Down Juniors, Portishead

Bristol ChemLabS in collaboration with the Science Learning Centre South West engaged a total of 360 pupils at the local junior school.

Using the Science Learning Centre - south west mobile exhibits on forces, Dudley and worked with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 with an assembly for the whole school on March 16. In addition to Bristol ChemLabS the school had visits from parents whose work has a scientific slant as well as from Exploradome, Wessex Water and several other visitors during an extended science week.

08 March: Rouge Bouillon School, Jersey

As part of Jersey Science Week organised by Jersey Education Department, the Bristol ChemLabS team visited a number of primary schools on the island.  At this St Helier school all 500 pupils were entertained by an assembly about 'Gases In The Air', given by Alison Rivett.  The 72 Year 6 pupils then took part in science workshops, led by STEM Ambassadors Kate Handford, Adele Laurain & Mindy Dulai.

04 March: Gifted & Talented Primary Day, Badminton School

For the fourth year running, Badminton School in Bristol kindly hosted a day for Gifted & Talented pupils from local primary schools in their Chemistry laboratories.  The 30 Year 5 & 6 pupils enjoyed a series of demonstrations by Alison Rivett, then took part in a number of workshops, including a special Colourimetry experiment, assisted by Chemistry postgraduate Jane Fletcher and Undergraduate Ambassador Sophie Franklin.  The day was organised by North Bristol G&T Coordinator, Ali Vining and supported by the RSC Analytical Section.

02 March: St Andrew's Primary School, Congresbury

Alison Rivett and a team from Bristol ChemLabS returned to this North Somerset school for a morning of science activities.  The 150 Key Stage 2 pupils saw some exciting chemistry demonstrations by Alison. Then 60 Year 3 and Year 4 pupils worked with postgraduate STEM Ambassadors Shirin Alexander, Katie Bayliss, & Ben Cheeseman on some sticky slime experiments.  The school was grateful to the RSC Local Section for the grant received.


26 February: St Paul's Primary School, Chippenham

The Bristol ChemLabS team of Alison Rivett, and Postgrads Rob Scott, Monika Zeleznik & Beatrice Cattoz ran a science day at this school as part of their Science Week.  The whole school (280 pupils) enjoyed an exciting and explosive demonstration assembly.  The 110 Y4, 5 & 6 pupils then did some hands-on science themselves in a series of practical workshops.  The RSC Local Section kindly supported the event with a small grant.

12 February: Elmlea Junior School

Bristol ChemLabS visited this Westbury-on-Trym school as part of their busy Science Week, supported by a grant from the RSC Local SectionAlison Rivett delivered a whole school assembly to all 300 pupils and then with the help of postgraduate chemists ran practical experimental sessions with the 75 pupils in the three Year 5 Classes.  The School's Science Coordinator, Sarah Earle, said afterwards that it was the "best assembly ever in my years of organising Science Week events!"

09 February: Croft SchoolCroft primary

Bristol ChemLabS returned to this Gloucestershire School to deliver a Science Assembly for all 130 pupils, then worked with 67 Year 4,5 & 6 pupils in two Chemistry Workshops.  Helping out were postgraduate STEM Ambassadors Yannan Cui, Mike Garland & Mohamed Benama and the RSC Local Section kindly supported the day with a small grant.  The local paper ran an article about the day, click here.

09 February: Science Morning, Horton School, Chipping Sodbury, S. Gloucs

Tim Harrison and a team of research chemists spent the morning at the Horton village school performing a whole school assembly for 60 pupils on the ‘Gases in the Air’ and delivering a workshop to all 27 juniors during the morning. This event was part of the school’s science week.

Chemists Shirin Alexander, Ben Cheesman, Emma Barron assisted the pupils with their chemistry investigations. Hamizah Haslie from the MSc Science & Education programme also assisted.

04 February: Filton Hill Primary School, Filton, S. Gloucs

Tim Harrison performed a school assembly demonstration entitled 'Gases in the Air' for all 200 pupils from reception to Year 6 at this local primary school. The experiments included the use of liquid nitrogen and a few minor explosions that were thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike.

02 February: Begbrook School, Bristol

Alison Rivett and a team of postgraduate STEM Ambassadors (Gavin Leithall, Rachel Wellington & James Kitulagoda) ran 2 science workshops for the 55 Year 5 pupils who were investigating the topic of Materials this term.  This is the second year running ChemLabS has been invited to run such workshops and the event was supported by a grant from the RSC Local Section.


22 January: Sci-Bono Science Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Having delivered a lecture demonstration on ‘Gases in the Air’ Tim Harrison assisted demonstrators from the science centre in delivering a circus of experiments for 45 learners aged 10 and 11 from Monde Primary School, Johannesburg.
This activity was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

For further information please see:

20 January: Winchcombe School, Gloucestershire

Bristol ChemLabS were invited back to this Specialist Science College for the fourth year in a row to deliver a Science Day for their primary feeder pupils.  Along with 100 Y7 Winchombe pupils they enjoyed a lively demonstration assembly from Alison Rivett about some 'Gases In The Air'.  The 30 Y6's then took part in workshops led by postgraduate chemists Mindy Dulai, Beatrice Cattoz & Shirin Alexander. 

12 January: Grove Junior School

The Bristol ChemLabS team of Alison Rivett and postgraduate chemists Yannan Cui, Shirin Alexander & Beatrice Cattoz visited this North Somerset School to deliver 3 Workshop Sessions for their Y6 pupils. All 90 pupils very much enjoyed learning about iodine clocks, polymers and mysterious acids.



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