* Demonstration Assemblies for the whole school

These last 45 to 60 minutes. (Normally based on Gases in the Air) Experiments will be demonstrated with liquid nitrogen (a very cold liquid), dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen and helium. There will be some loud bangs and some setting fire to materials.  Some minor reactions including colour changes are included. The performance will emphasize states of matter changes, combustion and what is and is not a reversible change.

'Your lechor [sic] was fantastic, with all that blowing up and stuff, we especially liked your joke about the banana split. We liked the range of activities such as : the balloons, the egg, frosen [sic] flowers, the huge udder, pink frothy monster, disco-liquid (the one that changed couler [sic]) , and loads of others.
To be honest we thought [sic] is was going to be boring, like talk and talk, but it was totally [sic] differant [sic]. We wish you could come to our (own) school.'
By pupils from Bishops Caundle Primary School

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Demonstration Assembly PhotoCosts

There is a charge made for this lecture to cover the cost of transport, disposables, technicianing and subsistence (and accommodation if the distance requires overnight stay). Please contact chem-net@bristol.ac.uk.

The lecture may be given up to 3 times per day for a consortium of schools in close proximity.

At present the Bristol & District section of the Royal Society of Chemistry has a small annual budget to support schools with grants of up to £100 towards the costs of these events. These are available to any school located in the following postcode areas: BS, BA, GL, SN1-16 & SN25, TA5-14 & TA19-20 (please ask for details of how to apply). Other RSC local groups may also be in a position to support such activities.


To deliver the lecture we normally need:

The nearest person to the demos is advised to be 6ft away.


Demonstration Assembly PhotoDemonstration Assembly Photo


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