What is Chem@rt?


Chem@rt brings chemistry into the Primary School classroom and stimulates literacy and creativity. The galleries contain a series of dazzling and intriguing images drawn from research and outreach undertaken at the University of Bristol.

Schools anywhere in the UK or abroad can access the Chem@rt images by emailing chem-net@bristol.ac.uk and requesting a username and password.

Click here for more details about how Chem@rt competitions work.

New galleries are uploaded once a year. Schools in our Primary Network will be notified of new galleries being made available. If you would like to join the network please contact chem-net@bristol.ac.uk

Please view the video for some ideas on how to use Chem@rt (mp4 and wmv).


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A primary school teacher commented:
This is really an innovative approach to encouraging children to relate to the science curriculum. It has had enormous benefits for our children”.

Adrian Willson, Head of St Bernard's Catholic Primary School, said:
"It's a great idea to inspire children towards creativity while at the same time giving them the chance to experience awe and wonder; to understand that science can be beautiful as well as informative."

An article about Chem@rt has been published in the Primary Science Journal ASE subscribers can download it via the link below, or contact chemart-quiz@bristol.ac.uk for a copy.

'The Art of Chemistry' Primary Science Review, Nov-Dec 2009, Issue 110 'The Art of Chemistry' by Alison C Rivett, Tim G Harrison and Dudley E Shallcross.

Schools in our Primary Network will be notified of new galleries being made available. If you would like to join the network please contact chemart-quiz@bristol.ac.uk.

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The story of Chem@rt

In 2006 the collection of 16 images covered topics such as materials and the environment. It was sent out to nearly 50 schools, together with some accompanying notes with a simplified explanation of what each image was. Each school was invited to display the images and run a poetry/prose-writing competition within the school. It was estimated that 5-6000 pupils made use of the images in one way or another with over 1000 poems and pieces of prose being submitted.

Class teachers themselves decided on the best per image, per class or per year and Bristol ChemLabS certificated the winners. Local schools also received a visit from a professional chemist who talked about the images and made the presentations. Many of the entries were outstanding and teachers have been using the images to stimulate science investigation. Click here to see the winning entries.

A similar exercise was undertaken in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, with the images and certificates being made available to schools online.

Article about Chem@rt in 2006 (309kb PDF)

logo of the University of Bristol Alumni Foundation Chem@rt is sponsored by the University of Bristol Alumni Foundation.

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