Up - Skilling in Practical Science: Bristol ChemLabS and the N3 Bristol Primary Cluster Project


St George Church of England Primary School

St George Church of England Primary School
Brandon Hill, Bristol

0117 377 2480
School Website:
Headteacher: Ms Clare Gundry [email: st.george.p@bristol.gov.uk ]
Science Coordinator: Alice Kirk


19 October

The team from Bristol ChemLabSdelivered a Science Day at this central Bristol school as part of the AZSTT N3 Project. The whole school (100 pupils) saw an exciting demonstration assembly given by Alison Rivett. The 25 Year 5 and 6 pupils spent the rest of the day doing practical workshops, including making some sticky slime and modelling some smelly perfume molecules. They were supported by postgraduate STEM Ambassadors Sophie Franklin, Shirin Alexander and Beatrice Cattoz together with the new School Teacher Fellow from the Chemistry Department at Bath University, Declan Fleming.

A blog report by Declan Fleming on his day may be found here.