Up - Skilling in Practical Science: Bristol ChemLabS and the N3 Bristol Primary Cluster Project


Stoke Bishop Primary School

Stoke Bishop Church of England Primary School,
Stoke Bishop, Bristol

0117 3772173
School Website: http://www.stokebishopprimary.ik.org/
Headteacher: Mrs Hepworth [Email: stoke.bishop.p@bristol.gov.uk]
Science Coordinator: Paul Dowlman


16 November

As part of the AZSTT N3 Cluster Project a team from Bristol ChemLabS visited. The 200 junior pupils were enthralled by chemistry assembly delivered by Alison Rivett. The 3 classes of 90 Year 5 & 6 pupils then spent the rest of the day doing science experiments themselves, with the help of postgraduate Science Ambassadors Amy Styring & Mary Bartlett and Bath Uni School Teacher Fellow, Declan Fleming.

You can see some pictures from the day on the school's website here.