Up - Skilling in Practical Science: Bristol ChemLabS and the N3 Bristol Primary Cluster Project



Early in the school year the classes in each school to be engaged will be visited and the students will be surveyed using a questionnaire co-devised by Dr Alison Rivett and an external evaluator. Free response questionnaires will be administered immediately following the initial event. A further questionnaire will be administered towards the end of the academic year after the class teachers had been involved in delivering practical sessions.

For the pupils involved, a comparison will be made of the expected change in attitude towards science from the base data over the two surveying periods. From the teachers participating, a reported increased competency and confidence during the project would be expected.

A copy of the evaluation report can be found here.


Visits from other primary clusters and from schools liaison officers from other local HEIs will be encouraged.

The project website will be an invaluable tool for dissemination. Articles and papers prepared as a consequence of the project will be written and presented to appropriate journals, eg Primary Science Review, Science in Schools. The project will form a part of the Master’s student’s dissertation which itself will be a source of reference. The final report will also be hosted on the Bristol ChemLabS Outreach website. The poster defence by the pupils also acts as a vehicle for dissemination.