Up - Skilling in Practical Science: Bristol ChemLabS and the N3 Bristol Primary Cluster Project




24 June: AZSTT-N3 Cluster Project Celebration Event

As part of this project pupils from two of the participating schools visited the School of Chemistry to share the science work they have done with their project boxes this term. The students and accompanying teachers & parents also saw an exciting demonstration talk about "Science in your Shopping Basket", given by Peter Hoare & Aaron, all the way from Newcastle University.

The students presented posters and also gave presentations about their work. 10 Key Stage 2 students from Elmlea Junior School shared their 'Food & Healthy Eating' experiments and 10 Year 6 students from Bishop Road School showed their 'Environment' Box experiments.

The judges (postgraduate STEM Ambassador Joshua Lay & Aaron) were very impressed with the students' hard work and enthusiasm and commended all the presentations very highly. The schools & students were all rewarded with certificates by Alison Rivett & Tim Harrison to mark their participation in this event.


01 February: Project Update

All project partners have now produced a wish list of equipment for the Topics chosen. Tim Harrison and Alison Rivett are going through the equipment and chemicals lists and the technical staff are ordering the materials. It is hoped that the boxes will be put together for delivery to schools the week after half term.


School Leading Topic

Food & Healthy Eating

Elmlea Juniors

Interesting Solids & Liquids

St John's


Stoke Bishop


Westbury Park

Gases & Balloons

St Bonaventure's

Liquids/Water/Environment (probably 2 boxes)

St George + Bishop Road

Burning Things 1 (Food & Changes-related)


Burning Things 2 (Light, Colour & Space-related)

SS Peter & Paul


Bristol ChemLabS



10 December: Completion of Phase 1 of the AZSTT Bristol ChemLabS Primary School Project

The AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust funded project has seen all nine local primary schools visited during the term. 1920 pupils from 8 of the 9 partner schools have sent the demonstration assembly ‘Gases in the Air’ or its near relative ‘Fragrance Chemistry’. 589 year 5 or 6 pupils have experienced a total of 20 workshop sessions assisted by 14 different postgraduates or Schools Project undergraduate chemists.

03 December: N3 Cluster Planning Meeting at School of Chemistry

Representatives of the 9 schools involved meet during the afternoon with Alison Rivett to allocate and schedule the work packages for the coming term. A meeting on the 30th March 2011 was scheduled to share the results.

26 October: Interim Report Sent to AZSTT

A short interim report has been made to the AZSTT Administrator on the commencement of the N3 Cluster-Bristol ChemLabS project. Read it here.

22 October: Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme Students to Contribute to Project

Four Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS) chemistry students have been assigned to primary schools to assist with the AZSTT project. The UAS students will spend the period from early November to Christmas in four of the schools learning how science is taught in primaries. They will be on hand to assist science coordinators in all project schools with the design of new experiments in addition to help which will be offered by postgraduate chemists from the School of Chemistry after Christmas. The work carried out by the UAS students will form part of the final year assessment for their BSc degrees.

16 October: Date for Project Celebration Decided

The date for the poster defence, pupil talks and lecture demonstration will need to be Friday 24th June 2011. The morning session will culminate in the demonstration lecture ‘Fizz, Foam and Flubber’ given by Lorelly Wilson (University of Manchester).

14 October: Initial meeting for the AZSTT funded project for local primary schools

A planning meeting involving Science or Gifted and Talented Coordinators from nine of the twelve local primary schools involved in the N3 cluster project was held at the School of Chemistry with Tim Harrison and Alison Rivett. The initial tasks for the group and timetable for the year were discussed.

The primary schools involved in the project are: St Johns Primary School, Bishop Road Primary School, Hotwells Primary School, SS Peter and Paul Primary School, Elmlea Junior School, St Bonaventure's Primary School, Stoke Bishop Primary School, St George Church of England Primary School and Westbury Park Primary School.

29 September: G&T Meeting at Stoke Bishop Primary School

Ali Vining introduced the AZSTT N3 Cluster - Bristol ChemLabS project to the Gifted and Talented Coordinators for representatives of all the N3 cluster schools.