*Air Pollution, Climate Change & Ozone Depletion

Climate Change

'Everything That You Wanted To Know About Climate Change But Couldn't Find In A Text Book!' A collection of climate articles by Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison, published in Science in School. NEW
'Climate Change Made Simple' by Prof. Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison (Physics Education, Volume 42, 2007, Number 6, 592-597).
The Bristol ChemLabS Climate Model
Climate - The Grandma Model (700 kb Powerpoint) & Poster by Prof Dudley Shallcross, Jan 2012. NEW
Climate Change Experiments in the Classroom A selection of practical activities (Science In School, 2008, Issue 10).
Experiments with Carbon Dioxide A collection of demonstrations & laboratory practicals.
Climate Prediction Data (777kb Powerpoint) A guide to using data from the climateprediction.net project - the world's largest climate forecasting experiment for the 21st century.
Open University Global Warming Resources A unit providing an introduction to global warming.
'A Pollutant's Tale' a Demonstration Lecture by Tim Harrison and Prof. Dudley Shallcross.
Criegee intermediates: What are they?

Air Pollution

'Dirty Air' by Dudley Shallcross. What constitutes ground-level air pollution and what are the impacts of such pollutants on Man and the environment? (Education In Chemistry, September 2006).
Ground Level Air Pollution’ by Dudley Shallcross. A short review of the history of ground level air pollution is presented and then the sources and impacts of the main primary pollutants are briefly discussed, together with an introduction to various air pollution data archives and other excellent resources. Click here for data & information linked to the Ground Level Air Pollution document.
UK Air Quality (NETCEN) Data A brief guide to using the Data Archive and what to look for.  The database (www.airquality.co.uk/archive/) is a goldmine of air pollution data for numerous sites across the country. This document provides a brief description to help you find data suitable for your teaching needs & suggestions for investigations.
* All factual data in these resources has been checked and is correct, You may reproduce any part of the notes, however, please acknowledge Bristol ChemLabS when you do so. Clearly none of this work can be sold on for profit.

Ozone Depletion

Dataset of Chlorofluorocarbons and their replacements  for use by schools (604kb PDF file) & linked files:
Dudley_MD_06.xls (147 kb Microsoft Excel file)
Dudley_MS_06.xls (211 kb Microsoft Excel file)

Responses to the Channel 4 programme "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Climate of denial - Open letter by a group of scientists
Critique by John Houghton, President, John Ray Initiative


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