* Ground Level Air Pollution

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Box 1

Differences between combustion and photochemical smogs

Figure 1. A schematic of the evolution of the 1952 London combustion smog

Figure 2. Data taken from the NETCEN data archive from the Bristol area on 27th July 2001

Figure 3. Schematic diagram of the production of ozone during a photochemical smog episode

Box 2

Acid Rain

Box 3

Primary Pollutants sources and trends in the UK

Table 1. An estimate of the emission totals from various sources of UK primary pollutants
Table 2. An indication of critical levels and potential health effects of primary pollutants
Figure 4. Emissions totals from the National Atmospheric Emission Inventory for 1970 through to 2003 for CO, NOx, PM10, SO2 and VOCs (in k tonnes)

Box 4

Figure 5. An adapted schematic diagram showing how a vortex can form in a street with an aspect ratio

Figure 6. Measurements of CO at the Marylebone Road on May 15th 2003 showing differences relating to the sides of the street where the measurement is taken