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Would you be interested in getting a cutting-edge scientist into your secondary school for a few days?

If the answer is yes, then the Researchers in Residence scheme may be the one for you. Funded by the UK research councils and the Wellcome Trust, Researchers in Residence enriches the classroom experience of secondary school students by placing University/HEI researchers into schools. Researchers work with the teacher in their host secondary school to deliver activities that makes their subject and research relevant and exciting for school children. The scheme is of benefit to all involved:

To the secondary schools - an opportunity to connect with researchers who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject; to have a role model who can challenge stereotypes and to foster links with local higher education institutions.

To the researcher - an opportunity to gain and put into practice transferable communication/presentation skills, to share their enthusiasm for their research with the next generation and to get experience in the classroom.

To the higher education institutes - an opportunity to forge links with the local community through outreach and the sharing of knowledge.

Activities might include helping to run science clubs, helping to run science projects, chairing debates on science ethics, discussions and careers talks on "how I got to where I am", to name just a few things that Researchers in Residence have done in the past. Contact time can take place over as short a period as a week, or be spread over the whole academic year.

The scheme is open to all secondary schools, and taking part comes at no cost. More details on the scheme can be found at the Researchers in Residence website.

Rhian Power is the Regional Co-ordinator for Researchers in Residence, for the South West of England and Wales.

So, if the thought of having a researcher in your school appeals, please contact Rhian at Rhian.Power@aeat.co.uk or on 0870 190 2824 to find out more.

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