Film Clips to Support Science at

This is a webpage designed for primary school pupils studying Science at Key Stage Two Level. By Elle Wadsworth when an undergraduate at the University of Bristol to try to stimulate children’s interest in science. 

Children watching films is a common and enjoyable pastime.  Clips from a range of familiar children’s films with scientific references have been identified. The films that have been referenced are recent and popular so they should be familiar to many of the pupils. The use of well known films will excite pupils as they will also be able to relate to the science better due to their knowledge of the characters.

The clips chosen have scientific references to the key stage two units outlined in the national curriculum (see standards site). The links below will take you to a breakdown of topics covered in years three to six, some topics will have more references than others. The clips are approximately ninety seconds in length; short enough to keep pupils focused on the lesson objectives but long enough to get the point across. The clip descriptions say what is being shown and why it is relevant. I include suggestions of how the clips could be used rather than specific guidelines to allow a degree of creativity and flexibility for the person planning the lesson. For example, for some clips a worksheet could be made to be completed during or after the clip whereas other clips are better played to simply stimulate discussion on a given subject. The clips could be used as starters to excite the pupils for the lesson ahead, plenaries to round off a lesson or in the middle to relax the pupils or to break up long written assignments.