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A large collection of resources for use in the classroom
Bristol ChemLabS Periodic Table a free PDF to download and print
Free LabSkills Resources A taster of our award-winning e-learning software with online practical simulations
General Chemistry Teaching Resources
Air Pollution, Climate Change & Ozone Depletion
Green Chemistry

XRD Information

ChemBam Resource Website from the University of Birmingham: Birmingham School of Chemistry launched this resource website in June 2017 at a teaching conference. It is a work in progress so please visit periodically for updates. For more information please contact Dr Zoe Schnepp at z.schnepp@bham.ac.uk​

Time of Flight (ToF) Mass Spectrometry Thanks to Bristol ChemLabSí Dr Chris Arthur the following resources have been produced to assist in the teaching of this topic
PowerPoint presentation with a animation of Time of Flight mass spectrometer
A Printable poster (pdf) describing the use of Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
Student Resource Notes on Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry(word doc)
Brief Time of Flight video also includes some footage of inside a TOF instrument.

PPE Posters -as found in Bristol ChemLabS Teaching Laboratories:  Laboratory Dress Code  and Waste Disposal
Nano Chemistry
Giant Bubbles Recipe
Professional Development Courses (CPD)
STEM Resources


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